Wonderwerp June


After five years of existence, wonderwerp changes advocate. The last edition curated by Yolanda Uriz presents three projects by great women artists including electro-acoustic music, audio-visuals and body performances, with:


Maia Francisco Piano and Wave Oscillators

Marie Guilleray, voice and electronics. Naja Ankarfeldt, visuals

Wen Chin Fu Spine Spinning



Maia Francisco is a pianist, sculptor and sound artist. She is interested in developing improvisational environments to interact with the acoustic piano and electronic media through her personal music language.


Marie Guilleray is a French vocalist and sound artist based in The Netherlands. She performs mainly in the context of improvised, experimental and electronic music. Her work focuses on free improvisation, the development of vocal extended techniques, the combination of voice and electronics to extend the voice and explore its abstract properties, and a research on bridging music and poetry. As a composer, she is focusing on electronic music for fixed media and live electronics. http://www.marieguilleray.com/ 

Naja Ankarfeldt graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 2013. She now studies ArtScience MA at The Art Academy of The Haag, the Netherlands. She researches repetitive forms, dynamic and spatial patterns to produce aesthetic tactile experiences. Through her visual artwork she investigates how we are connected to nature, and how the knowledge of shapes and biological structures can give us existential information and aesthetic experiences. www.najaankarfeldt.com



Spine Spinning is a performance investigating the movement of the spine in the human body inspired by Étienne-Jules Marey’s Etude de la locomotion humaine: Homme marchant avec une baguette fix ée le long de la colonne vert ébrale. Focusing on the perception of the body through the control of light and sound amplification, the performer transforms the human body into an unknown creature. Wen Chin Fu www.wenchinfu.com