wonderwerp december edition

Last wonderwerp edition of 2012 will take place on the 20th December (20.30h 3€) at Studio Loos (Constant Rebequeplein 20B, Den Haag) presenting Anne Wellmer, Mike Kramer and Pablo Sanz, three sound artists that sculpt sounds from the physical world to bring them back to space in new contours and configurations.




fernwärme recently fernwaerme* was installed in my dad’s house in berlin… *fernwaerme is “far-away-heat”: a building receives it’s hot water for the central heating and all taps from a huge factory-like facility far away, thus the name “far-away-heat”. the large flat is on the ground floor of an old building. a couple of poorly insulated pipes, which provide half of the building with hot water, run vertically through a small room next to the kitchen. these pipes sing changing songs all day… and late at night these sounds get really loud. 

The basic material for my performance at Loos are my recordings of this heating system which I made two winters ago in Berlin and some recordings that i made during a residency in the Austrian Alps, of musicians, electric fences and cowbells… Among the musicians were turntablist Wolfgang Fuchs, accordeonist Heidelinde Gratzl, flutist Sylvie Lacroix, cellist Michael Moser, viola player Julia Purgina, singer Konrad Rennert and Wolfgang Seierl.

Anne Wellmer | nonlinear is a composer, performer and sound artist, born to be angry in Germany raised to be wild in America and educated to be noisy in the Netherlands. Recent projects and performances include an installation for the monastery of Hainburg (Austria), a solo set at Q-O2’s field fest in Brussels, a

an exhibition in Mannheim, an installation for eavesdropping at Villa K in Den Haag, a sound walk along the river Vecht near Amsterdam, performances with uiuiui koo (a trio with Cora Schmeiser and Nina Hitz), the realisation of Alvin Lucier’s Sferics as an installation in a krater by the seaside in Malmö, and a 24hour car-battery-driven-laptop-performance with Julien Clauss on a mountain top in the French Alps. Anne Wellmer lives and works in The Hague in The Netherlands


Mike Kramer presents DNA

Sound artist Mike Kramer will perform a recent work with the title ‘DNA’. This piece is characterized by electro-micro-tonality. This methodology finds its origin in his environments and sound installations series under the name ‘Whispering Walls’, where the ‘inaudible’ of walls and objects are blown up to audible proportions, often used as compositional elements. The composition ‘DNA’ therefore situates within the tradition of electronic-minimalists dealing with mutant clicks, waves and pulsing sounds. The sound work will be performed with a 4.2 set.


Mike Kramer is also the founder and artistic director of foundation (h)ear, which stands for Experimental Audio Research. It is an art initiative in Heerlen, Limburg that focuses on sound art and experimental music. www.h-ear.org




Pablo Sanzhttp://20020.org

His activities are engaged with the act of listening and the exploration of aesthetic and spatial aspects of sound through phonography, site-specific projects, live performances and fixed media works. Interrelations between sound, space and location, deep listening experiences, environmental abstractions, noise and phenomena in the threshold of perception are some of the focuses in his practice.

He has participated in events, festivals, group exhibitions and releases in various countries. His work has been awarded in the ‘5th On-Air Radiophonic Art Prize’ (2009, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid) and the competition ‘Europa – Ein Klangpanorama’ (2011, Goethe Institute, Deutschlandradio Kultur, ZKM-Karlsruhe). He is currently one of the artists selected to participate in the Spanish PSINC (Sound-In Programme for New Creators).

Recent projects include a series of acousmatic pieces based on subaquatic recordings, a sound mapping project of a rural area in Catalonia, a site-specific installation in public space created in collaboration with Juan Cantizzani in Den Haag and commissions for Radio Reina Sofía Museum (ES), FON Air (UK) and Silence Radio (BE/FR).

Since 2004 member of Mediateletipos.net and the community ArteSonoro.org, platforms through which he has been contributing to editorial and curatorial sound art projects.