Studio LOOS is the hot spot for new music in The Hague (NL), and is located in the multidisciplinary arts building the DCR. It is a workspace, laboratory and public presentation place for research, experimentation, development, innovation and production of interdisciplinary electro acoustic music, sound art & audio art, improvisation and composition, monomedia, bimedia, polymedia and hypermedia. It also is the environment where the LOOS Foundation, international renown – or still unknown – artists and artists groups in the field of interdisciplinary new music conducts their researches, can apply for a residence, rehearse, experiment and try out and present in public their newest works.

At Studio LOOS artists curate concert series with performances, lectures and presentations with a choice of local and international artists and researchers. The studio functions in this way as a meeting place where artists and specialists from different generations, countries, nationalities and disciplines exchange ideas, experiences, skills and knowledge and meet the general public.

Studio LOOS as a physical space was founded and developed in 2005 as part of the LOOS Foundation. LOOS was set up in 1982 under the leadership of composer/improviser/interpreter/multi-instrumentalist Peter J.A. van Bergen, who is still the director of the foundation and the studio.

The activities of LOOS are very difficult to place in a specific category or genre. LOOS represents a musical idiom, a musical vision, and a relationship between music and society. Additionally, one of the most important characteristics of “LOOS” is its function in generating music (and music-related material) as an experience and experiment in form and content.

Since the late 1980’s LOOS initiated, generated and developed an extensive and impressive repertoire of contemporary music. By incorporating modern technology (live electronics, computers and different media ) into the specific musical aesthetics that LOOS stands for, and through the close collaboration with composers, improvisers, actors, choreographers and visual artists, LOOS has developed into one of the most prominent international artistic avant-garde platforms of today. Essential for LOOS are originality, authenticity, progressiveness, a high standard in performance and ideas, and an adventurous and experimenting mentality and attitude.

In 1985 LOOS was awarded with the Ooyevaer Prize of the City of The Hague, and in 2000 with the prestigious GeNeCoPrize 2000 ( Dutch Composers Prize) because of ” exceptional merits in Contemporary Music of The Netherlands”.

The activities of the LOOS Foundation/Studio LOOS have been funded from 1997- 2008 with structural subsidies by the Dutch Ministry of O.C.&W.(Education, Culture and Science), and is since 2005  supported by the City of The Hague. From 2009-2010 LOOS also received a two year subsidy from the Dutch national Fund for Performing Arts (FPK) for the research on IOM/AIM – Interactive Orchestral Machine/Artificial Improvising Machine.





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