wonderwerp September 2013

Wonderwerp starts a new season performing in a different location this time, the next door Electricity Factory, as part of Volkspaleis exhibition (volkspaleis.org) with

Virginie Dubois

The Void* 

Marije Baalman


Virginie Dubois. Phenomenon of the Syllable.

Multi-channel sound installation – 2013.

Exploring the sound stream of speech, the work focuses on the process of formation and appearance of syllables. Featuring the vocal sounds of 12 different languages, the composition exploits the natural stress and pitch of each syllable to create an immersive environment. The result takes the form of an abstract soundscape where the linguistic signs loose their initial contents to evolve and merge as an organic phenomenon.


While swimming through the endlessly vibrating oceans of soundwaves, Roald, Eric and Tijs got caught up in similar streams a couple of years ago. Fascinated by the purity of sonic expression, they decided to collaborate as The Void*. The output of their audio adventurescan, or cannot be described as the exact middle between the clicking noises of a panicking dolphin and the harmonious buzz of a cloud of fruit flies. and Thunder sounds… We like thunder sounds…


Wezen-Gewording. Marije Baalman has a diverse background in physics, sound and sensor technologies, and has worked in the field of interactive sound art making installations and performance (dance /music). In her artistic work she is interested in the realtime components of the work, in that nothing is precomposed as such, but rather the sonic or light output depends on realtime interactions, be it of the performer, or of the audience. http://marijebaalman.eu

Wezen is a solo music-theatre work where I try to explore the relationship between theatrical gesture and musical instrument, between the body and the sonic world.

Gewording is the first performance version where the link between physical and sonic gesture is explored during a live performance, combining movement of the body and live coding.