Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein

Jan T. (Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein) works in the field of computer music, media art and creative coding since the late 1990s. He performs ‘crispy’ sound collages using novel and custom made interfaces, produces sonic installations and occasionally composes for ensembles and fixed media. Currently he focuses on designing audio apps for mobile devices which are released under TeaTracks.

In the past years Jan contributed to the open source audio software SuperCollider. His music has been performed across the world at festivals such as ICSM World Music Days, ICMC, Spark, MusicAcoustica, TodaysArt, BEAST. Jan studied Media Design in Weimar, Sonology in Den Haag and Computer Music at the University of Birmingham. Currently he works as an iOS developer in Appsterdam and is visiting lecturer for computer music at the University Ilmenau.  falkenst.com   teatracks.com