Wonderwerp #66 – 26/11/2015



Wondewerp #66 – 26/11/2015 featuring:

-Ingrid Lee

-Roy F Guzmán / Leo Svirsky

-Huib Emmer

Doors open at 20:00 – Music starts at 20:30
Entrance: €3

Studio Loos,
De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, The Hague



Ingrid Lee

‘Cells’ – Performative installation


Cells explores ideas of collective/individual experience and viral movement. Snare drums are placed around a space with one amplified drum feed backing on itself. As the snares on each drum are turned on one by one, the resonance of the first drum affects (infects) an increasing number of drums. Sounds that were once restricted to an individual body are dissipated and recomposed, culminating in a single assemblage of sound and rhythm.

Ingrid Lee is a composer and performer from Los Angeles/Hong Kong. Her work explores collective listening practices, the physicality of sound and ideas of failure and hybridity through the use of illegitimate and inconsequential sounds: feedback, sympathetic resonance, beatings, noise. Lee received a B.F.A. in music composition and performance at the California Institute of the Arts. She has performed in experimental, new music, and improvisation ensembles including KREation and the Dog Star Orchestra. She is currently based in the Netherlands.

More info: http://ingrideel.com/


Roy F Guzmán – Conditional Meta Music: three compositions performed by Leo Svirsky

Piano Piece #1

Balacea for Piano

Piano Piece #2


“Necessity is the mother of inventions”.

I like to call these compositions, Conditional Meta Music. Music created through conditions of the moment, its Syntax of Departure. All of them are examples of a will to find solutions to ignorant states of knowledge or ways out of suffering and destruction, be it musical or in life. Piano Piece #2 is an example of a solution to a state were emotions and physical states overwhelmed the consciousness with unwanted suffering. By embracing the instant, the now, this being the only option, by acknowledging the only thing available was scribbles and extracts of music with out being able to evolve into different instances of it made the subjectivisation of the abstraction and the refinement of its graphical functionality to grab the music and dynamics from what was left. What is worse than the leftovers of a piece is nothing, prostitution, slavery. These thoughts were engines for Piano Piece #2 and the previews in other intensity levels related to my experience in The Hague and abroad.

Roy Fernando – Poet, Multi-Media-Artist, Composer of electro-acoustic and instrumental music, guitarist, performer and researcher from San Juan, Puerto Rico based in Brussels, Belgium. He studied classical guitar with Luis E. Juliá at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and now finishing a Master in The Institute of Sonology of The Hague. He has performed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, The Hague, The Netherlands, Bratislava, Slovakia, and the USA. Currently his works hover around algorithmic music, live-electronics, non standard synthesis techniques, aesthetic theory, poetics and compositional practices having chaos theory as a base for analysis and creation.

More info at: http://www.roy-guzman.com/


Huib Emmer

‘The Cubist Life’ – Composition for live electronics

This piece was created during Huib’s artistic residency at studio LOOS and will be premiered during this evening.


The Cubist Life is a composition for live electronics inspired by drawings by the German artist George Grosz.

In the twenties Grosz drew from a cubist perspective; simultaneous projection of citizens, children, pimps, whores, soldiers, businessmen, addicts, streets, houses, squares, department stores.

No foreground, no background, all captured in one kind of prism.

There is a similar projection of sounds in the music; they move independently in their own tempo through time and every so often a regular pulse touches them, which steers them in a different direction.


Huib Emmer (1951) is a composer/performer of instrumental and electronic music. Graduated from The Hague Royal Conservatory. Huib lives and works in Rotterdam. As his main influences he lists avant-garde music, movies and early techno music. His live electronic pieces are not fixed; during the performance the different elements – noises- drones- beats- are chained together in order to tell a musical twisted story. The basic sounds are mostly unpolished and grainy and they often include strange organs, beats and voices from B movies.



This event is curated by Kacper Ziemianin and Marcello Ghilardi.