Wonderwerp November 2013

Wonderwerp November edition brings together three adventurous projects using oultlandish instruments:

Miss BlueBalls

Eclectic Housewives

Neon & Landa


On Thursday 28th Nov 2013 20.30h 3€ at Studio Loos (Constant Rebequeplein 20B, Den Haag)



Miss Blueballs

Beneath the deepest darks she is carrying on on her journey ‘Saving the Blues’ while she ventilates noisy charms, right in the middle of poop jazz. So have an orange, calm fucking down!







Eclectic Housewives is a band formed in 2012 by the vocalist Lovorka Holjevac, the percussionist Klára Andrlová and the composer/sound artist Fani Konstantinidou.  Our music varies between experimental, electronic and improvisation. We use computers and household appliances. Like real housewives.




We are a sound artist duo. Our artist name, Neon & Landa, appeared from a 1st letter swap of our given names. For us, hearing is the main sense. We make musical instruments, music and sound art. In our performance we’ll be playing two of our instruments, PriZm and Blue Triangle. Together with live sampling and sound processing we will guide you into the wobblophonic world of Neon & Landa.