Wonderwerp May 2014



Next wonderwerp edition, on the 29th May, will bring us three sonic projects containing noise, drones and electronics, all created live.

Fani Konstantinidou […] awareness/imagination of the listener

Roy Guzman […] M1

ensemble of terror […] rhythmic/non rhythmic noise



Fani Konstantinidou is a composer / sound artist and researcher living and working in the Netherlands.

She is mainly interested in conceptual composition, sonic images and the awareness/imagination of the listener in electroacoustic music. Through her music she explores the power of space and time on each individual sound, especially as compositional tools that affect the perception of the listeners. She has a particular interest in the combination of computer generated sounds with physical sound sources. This year, she examines the possibilities of greek traditional instruments in contemporary music focusing on their integration with (live or not) electronics.



Roy Guzmán




Electronic Piece.




ensemble of terror is an Electro­ Acoustic duo comprised of sound artist Amir Bolzman, and drummer Ariel Armoni. The duo plays improvised rhythmic/non rhythmic noise music.

Amir Bolzman ­ Musician and Sound artist. Born in Brazil, 1985. Graduated with honors at The Naggar School in Musrara, Jerusalem, July 2010. Founder and member of the Jerusalem music/video label “no coast productions”. Released and produced albums for: Amy McKnight, Subjunk and Daniel Slabosky. The last two years focusing his energy on free improvise of electronic music with his electronic instrument FeedNoise.

Ariel Armoni – Born in 1983 in Israel. started playing drums at the age of 14. After graduating “Alon high school for art” at the jazz department, he immediately started to to play with various musicians in Tel Aviv. beside playing with Indie, avant garde, and Free Jazz groups (Six Marry Musicians, Plunkton, Daniel Sarid’ Assif Tzahar etc) he worked as a studio and stage drummer with some of the lead pop singers in Israel ( Efrat Gosh, Yonni Bloch). in addition he was teaching drums at the Conservatory of Ramat Hasharon. and played with several dance group.In 2008 he moved to Berlin, there he founded MrMostash and worked with several local groups (django lassi’ les haferflocken swingers,cyclown circus). in the same time he played and produced the avantgarde israeli band Pissuk Rachav, that was signed in John Zorns label, Tzadik. the second album of the band, Fogel and the Sheriffs, was recorded in Berlin and released in Tzadik at 2010.In 2011 Ariel returned to Israel and started to study Architecture in Bezalel academy of Art and Design. at the same time he started to play in a gypsy band Babayaga and with the Mystical Psychedelic band GreedyAdam with Noam Embar and Adam Shaflan.