Wonderwerp March edition


Wonderwerp  March edition (20.30h 3€ @ Studio Loos) will start interacting with the audience by playing, an experiment by

Ludmila Rodrigues and Mike Rijnierse,

before enjoying three sets with electro-acoustic, audiovisual  and electronic music performances by

. Maria Aristotelous and her meta-performers

Klara Andrlova, Wen Chin Fu, Ji Youn Kang, Fani Konstantinidou and Michalis Paraskakis

. Jelena Galzova and Erwin van Deutekom (visuals)

. Martins Rokis



Interstice. a sonic game

Interstice is the space between things, gaps, holes, cracks, vents.

Ludmila Rodrigues and Mike Rijnierse work in performances and site specifics where the audience is engaged in unusual physicalities. The artists are researching ways of composing sound and movement through the space. Their goal is to develop a system to be performed in different locations, exploring specific acoustics, in the form of games. During this experiment the artists make use of ordinary objects as instruments for the generation of sounds. At Studio Loos they will invite the audience to play and celebrate the perception of space. No technical skills required.

www.tinamustao.com    www.mikerijnierse.nl




“ 13.DREAM: The father calls out anxiously,”That is the seventh” During the walk over many ladders some vent has evidently taken place which is spoken of as “the seventh”. In the language of initiation, “seven” stands for the highest state of illumination and there for be the coveted goal for all desire…..” (C.G.Jung Dreams)

This is the third time i introduce the term of the interface score in a work, a score, in this case that sets the conditions for a second graphic one to be sonically decoded and played-improvised. It sets the conditions as a hint to the complicated translation processes of a line concatenate meta-notations. Line plays for a very very long time a very important role in my work, line can be really powerful when in use due to the energies that can be hidden inside its form qualities, its use in a notational system can determine not only a transition towards a non iconic abstract reality (spiritual) of the conventional music signs but also a different time relation of the being.

The place of the piece is the place of the irrational, the dream. Archetypes and actors, consciousness and unconsciousness, actors and musicians, composer and performer, masks and projections, waking and dreaming ….. potential or not events dynamic dipolar relationships in the collective continuum until the karmic appearance of the archetypal number. www.mariaaristotelous.com

Meta-performers: Klara Andrlova – Percussion; Maria Aristotelous – Electronics, Tape; Wen Chin Fu – Cello / Body Cello; Ji Youn Kang – Electronics; Fani Konstantinidou – electronics; Michalis Paraskakis – Narrator.




Jelena Glazova is sound artist artist/visual artist and a poet from Riga, Latvia. She is working in interdisciplinary areas of contemporary art, combining in her works image, poetic text, experimental sound and installation. Her sphere of activity in experimental music is drone/noise, usually constructed from processed vocals. As a conceptual artist she is primarily using her voice as a generator, heavily altering it and manipulating with a help of digital processing. She considers that type of vocal elements deconstruction as a form of expressing unpronounced speech – connecting it with her practice as a poet. As a visual artist she is often dealing with physicality, which is also a basis of her work as a sound artist.
She performed at experimental music and sound art festival Sound around Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad, Russia), Vilnius Noise Week (Vilnius, Lithuania), music festival Skaņu Mežs (Riga, Latvia), electronic music festival Art’s Birthday (Stockholm, Sweden).
Collaborated with artists and poets – Derek Holzer (US/DE), Alexei Borisov (RU), Ernesto Estrella(ES/DE), Edvins Raups (LV), Constantine Katsiris (Scant Intone, Canada) etc.  http://www.jelena-glazova.com/

Visuals by Erwin van Deutekom (Rotterdam, NL) www.dwarsbureau.nl/




Martins Rokis has been experimenting with various electronic music forms since the late 90’s, hiding under short lived aliases, co-producing radio show on local underground radio and working as a DJ.

While studying philosophy and delving into sound programming his focus gradually shifted away from musical aspects of sound more towards experiential relationships between sound, space and body in general.

Currently he is crossing boundaries between so-called computer music, psychedelic noise and sound art, blending generative strategies with improvisation. http://www.martinsrokis.com