wonderwerp “Live cinema”

“Live Cinema“ today stands for the simultaneous creation of sound and image in real time by sonic and visual artists who collaborate on equal terms and with elaborate concepts. Mia Makela
On Wednesday 22nd February, in the second edition of 2012 wonderwerp at Studio Loos (20.30h 3€) will present three sets with their different approach to Live Cinema.
Nenad Popov `Congo Blue ́

Flores & Vega `Takes one & two ́

Macular `Lineaffix ́


Congo Blue (Hybrid ballet in a petri dish) by Nenad Popov. Audiovisual composition based on the simulation of chemical, biological and behaviorist processes.
Many chemical and biological processes have amazing computing properties – a simple weighing scale uses gravity to perform division, certain type of slime mould can solve the
maze just by growing through it. This piece tries to explore the possibilities of using such systems in art practice. Starting point in this piece is chaos taking over the silence. Rising chaos becomes shaped by the simple chemical processes out of which new complex patterns emerge. The piece, both audio and video, is performed live, where the performer constantly steers the system between nothing, chaos and something meaningful or even beautiful.


Flores & Vega – ‘Takes one & two’
The performance here consists of two sketches developed into semi-maturity and focus on new, unattempted-by-us ideas hoping to discover some new approach to cinematics and music. The performance is a continuation of Flores and Vega’s work together over
the past 3 years which involved music visuals and live performance and although not VJ’ing the visuals then had a supporting purpose to the performance. Here and under the pretense of cinematics the performance points attention away from a live performer and uses the created visuals as the protagonist. In essence were just trying things out until something sticks and might become our next project. http://emmanuelflores.net http://www.henryvega.net

Macular “Lineaffix”
A Live-Cinema performance inspired by the geometric paintings of François Morellet. The piece consists of abstract images which are created by combining moire patterns and feedback systems. In the composition Macular investigates the limits of our audio/ visual perception.
Joris Strijbos and Daan Johan

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