wonderwerp “Free Improvisation”

Free will is the ability to make choices free from certain kinds of constraints.

The only well-defined things are “expectations”. Because individuals have the ability to act differently from what anyone expects, free will can exist


WONDERWERP April edition on Free Improvisation will have the pleasure to present a selection of great improvisers:




(Marie Guilleray, Wen Chin Fu & Nicolau Lafeta)



(Mike Majkowsi & Jim Denley)



(Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Juan Matos Capote)

on Thursday 26th April (20.30h, 3€) at Studio Loos (Constant Rebequeplein 20B)







Marie Guilleray (voice), Wen Chin Fu (cello), Nicolau Lafeta (trumpet), and Rodrigo Parejo (flute) have been working on developing improvisations through two main axis : an exploration of different combinations of their unusual instrumentation (solo, duets, trios and quartets), and some experiments with sound and space, by exploring the acoustic properties of the space in which they play – among others, Centrum Space The Hague (september 2010), Villa Ockhenburg (october 2010), basement of the Villa Kabilla (june 2011). They’ve been collaborated with Felicity Provan (trumpet), “Ground” performance by Jeroen Uyttendaele and Dewi de Vree. The quartet works across musical boundaries, all musicians sharing the improvisational space on an equal basis.

(Since Rodrigo will be back to Holland in May. We’ll play as trio.)




Juan Matos Capote : home made oscillators
Alfredo Costa Monteiro : electro-acoustic devices

This duo, formed in Barcelona in 2010, employs modified domestic appliances as sound sources.
Two faces, two approaches which reveal the same enigma: that of sounds shaped in the moment of their own creation, by way of the simple contact of fingers, or of electricity passing through the internal circuits of the modified devices – or perhaps the amplification of materials, rather than objects. Inviting the most basic kinds of accident, resulting from unstable and minimal constructs, or from a more than simply intuitive handling, sometimes becoming accidents of accidents – either way you might say that the hand is the real instrument which, by way of clever tricks, vibrations, vague movements or tremors, stamps the sound with an indeterminacy which connects it directly to the organic.




Mike Majkowski & Jim Denley formed BLIP in 2008.

They have both been members of the Splinter Orchestra (large-scale Sydney-based improvisational group) since 2002, when MM was 19 & JD 45 – a difference of 26 years. JD has recently turned 55 and MM will soon turn 29 – still a difference of 26 years. MM uses double bass, pitch pipes and objects, and has been focusing on extending the technical possibilities of double bass bowing techniques. JD uses alto sax, bass flute, dismantled bass flute, prepared flute, Czech school flute, bamboo flute and balloons (although sometimes it’s just easier to say wind instruments). JD regards the main instrument he works with as being breath.

Paradoxically, they regard the work as being both composed and improvised.

They also focus on the deconstruction/reconstruction of the bass/reeds duo format, and trying to makes sense of this playing situation in the 21st Century. Sound, duration, texture, pitch and pulse are all important elements in their music.

They released their debut cd ‘calibrated’ (on splitrec) in 2010.