Wonderwerp February edition


WONDERWERP is a monthly series to present projects live in multiple different formats. The February edition will take place on Thursday 28th (20.30h 3!) at Studio Loos, presenting:
Margriet Kicks-Ass with the Splaxbox Malgorzata Halduch and Arvind Ganga
BMB con. (Roelf Toxopeus and Justin Bennett)
Splashbox is a sound instrument made by Margriet Kicks-Ass. This underwater set-up covers a large part of the sound spectrum. The water is literally put in motion and made audible by using an underwater microphone. In her live shows Margriet builds compositions with the resonance of selected iron objects under water by adding them or taking them away. During this wet dance a minicamera is registrating her actions. These moving images are projected on a big screen, so the audience can have a look into the source of this soundkitchen.
Margriet Kicks-Ass has over 10 years of experience in sound art and is the designer, builder, conductor and musical performer of her own instruments. The physical power of sound is
Margriet’s inspiration source. Her explorative journey consists of a mixture of electronic sound with acoustic vibrations. Margriet Studied Sound & Image (Art & Science) at the Royal Conservatory and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague(NL)
Since 2004 she’s on stage with theatrical sound-performances with self-built instruments / sound objects on festivals and concert places all over Holland, Belgium and Germany.
http://www.margrietkicks-ass.nl! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Malgorzata Haduch is a Polish dancer and choreographer, related to the Dutch free jazz scene, where she performed with excellent musicians like Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode, Andy Moor. She crystallized her own original dance language from reference points like Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Robert Steijn,
Hooman Sharifi, Michael Schumacher, and The EX. Malgorzata performed throughout Europe, Japan, and Southern America. http://www.freethedance.blogspot.nl/
Arvind Ganga uses guitar, effects and objects to create free improvised abstract sounds that are warm, haunting and noisy, compared by some to road movie soundtracks. Arvind plays solo as Every Bolt Rumbling, improvizes with people like Yedo Gibson, Alfredo Genovesi, James Harrar, Roro, Dagora, improvises with modern dancers, and is part of the freedom rock outfit Lekkernijen. http://www.arvindganga.net
“As a duo, we investigate a performance with free improvised music and free improvised dance, and the possible relation between music and dance, where we want to keep independence, yet create togetherness at the same time. We look for expression that is something that stands firm, is free and rocking, yet controlled and not simply freaking out. Both music and dance can be quiet or loud but it should always be strong. How deep can we go with this?”
BMB con.
“zijn het geheimzinnigste klank- en performancekollectief dat er in Nederland te vinden is.”
“…make guerilla theatre with hi- and lo-tech.”
“…staat garant voor producties waarbij muziek, theater en film een chemisch huwelijk aangaan.”
“…are never quite in control of the mounting chaos…”
“…weten telkens weer te overtuigen door de inventiviteit waarmee geavanceerde geluidsexperimenten worden gevisualiseerd.”
“…Unvorhersehbarkeit, Verstorung und Wirrnis.”
BMB con. was founded by Justin Bennett, Roelf Toxopeus and Wikke ‘t Hooft in 1989. Since 2006 BMB con. consists of a core duo working together with a changing group of invited artists / performers.
BMB con. incorporate electronic and acoustic music, film, video and physical theatre in their performances and installations. As well as these fleeting, sometimes unique actions, BMB con. make and publish audio CD’s, videos and photography. http://www.bmbcon.org