Wonderwerp #73 – 23.06.2016

The last Wonderwerp event of this academic year will feature:

– HolzKopf (Ca)

– Bartosz Ignacy Wrona (Pl)

– Alexander Zaklynsky (IS,UA) & Nick McMullan(NZ)

Doors open at 20:00 – Music starts at 20:30
Entrance: €3

Studio Loos,
De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, The Hague

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HolzKopf- No-Fi Electronics / Transfuturism


Holzkopf is Western Canadian musician Jacob Hardy. While active under various names and in various projects since 1997 (STD, Distal Magg, Titanarum, others), the first Holzkopf album was recorded and released in 2001 on Canadian label Dainty Deathy Recordings. Since the first album, there have been many phases and styles of Holzkopf with very little firm lines between them: from microsound experiments, (almost) slapstick collage and deep ambient music to gospel influenced industrial electronics, harsh noise dub and fast paced, cut-up dance music.

Since the first album (Only a Bad Harvest Can Save Us), Holzkopf has gone on to release another full-length CD with Dainty Deathy Recordings (This CD is an Apology), an LP with Eskaton Industries (Pure Bliss, No Earth) and has been featured  on 7″ and 12″ split records put out by Red Gate Recordings.  In addition, Holzkopf has countless limited edition recordings on labels throughout North America and Europe (such as Third Type Tapes in Paris, Attenuation Circuit in Bavaria, Wintage Records and Tapes in Toronto, and others).  Holzkopf also self-releases work in an ongoing series named “Sober Materials.”  There have been 7 volumes to date on CD, DVD and cassette.



Bartosz Ignacy Wrona – experimental voice improvisation


photo by Katarzyna Norka

Bartosz Ignacy Wrona is a vocalist considered to be a great hope of the polish experimental music scene.

He employs numerous extended vocal techniques, which he constantly develops. His creative activity is concentrated around contemporary, free improvised and experimental music, however influences of ethnic music from around the world can also be found there. Sometimes the artist joins purely Noise projects. He is a radical improviser, using the so called ‘instant composition’ while performing, which results in pieces created spontaneously together with other musicians. His voice brings to life abstract sound-pictures which should be viewed more as electronic or percussion music than vocalism. He uses seemingly non-musical sounds to create music.

Bartosz created the Non-Singing Choir, vocal workshops for everyone, which on the one hand allow to open oneself and enlarge the conciousness of the body, and on the other hand are an encounter with contemporary music and improvisation – free and conducted.



Alexander Zaklynsky & Nick McMullan: ‘Conversation with a throbbing head ache’ Installation / Performance


Alexander Zalynsky will present a 4 channel work specific for the studio loos space. This work will be the culmination of a production residency at studio loos as well as a collaboration with noise artist Nick McMullan from New Zealand. The final outcome will be an audio-visual work based on the live improvisation of semi controlled elements.

Alexander Zaklynsky is currently pursuing a masters degree via the ArtScience Interfaculty dept.

Nick McMullan is currently on a semi-nomadic tour of the universe and making noise.


This event is curated by Kacper Ziemianin and Marcello Ghilardi.