WonderWerp #70 – 24/3/2016



-Motabar-Roessler Duo

-Sima Kim

-So Oishi

Doors open at 20:00 – Music starts at 20:30
Entrance: €3

Studio Loos,
De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, The Hague

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Sima Kim – Live electronics


Sima Kim is a South Korean electronic musician based in Den Haag. He is known for his own unique style from his diversity of backgrounds through sound art to dance culture while being influenced by subculture. His Works are featured on pitchfork, fact magazine, wire magazine and others.


Motabar-Roessler Duo – Copper SpaceshipSohLeo

Based in The Hague, the Sohrab Motabar (Iran) and Leonie Roessler (Germany, USA) have created a sound that is hard to define, combining elements of the outside world with abstract materials that are artificially created. The pieces are improvised within a strictly fixed form and contain three basic elements: Classical Guitar (Roessler), Live Electronics and Glitch Sounds (Motabar), and Soundscapes made from Field Recordings (Roessler). The Duo has recently performed their works in the Netherlands and in Berlin. Their next stop is Iran, especially the Limited Access Festival, where they will present brand new pieces in addition to their established repertory.

Leonie Roessler

Born in the Ruhr District (Ruhrgebiet) in Germany, Leonie relocated to Los Angeles as a teenager. She studied classical guitar at Los Angeles City College, and received a Bachelor Degree in Composition along with a Minor in Dance Performance at California State University Northridge in 2010. She moved to the Netherlands and earned her Master Degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague in 2013, while also studying Carnatic Music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She completed a one-year course at the Institute of Sonology thereafter. She is active as a performer, composer, and sound artist in various countries and places nearby, but essentially lives with her five-year-old son in the center of The Hague

Sohrab Motabar

Sohrab Motabar (1984) is a composer from Tehran. With regards to states of suspension and dazzled motion, his music resonates like a maze for the listener. He composes with algorithms, chaotic functions, and non-standard synthesized sounds as a way to give rise to obscured dimensions and experimental modes of perceiving and listening. Currently, Motabar is doing his Masters at the Institute of Sonology where, in addition to this study, he also actively collaborates in select projects with other musicians.

So Oishi – Live


So Oishi is a Dutch-based electronic music producer, DJ, and software developer from Tokyo, Japan. He started his musical career 10 years ago as a DJ while he lived in the United States, inspired by the underground techno scene in New York City.

He has recently completed a Masters degree at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. He currently works on techno, electronica, ambient, and experimental music both as a composer and a performer. At the same time, he is developing software synthesizers and music making programs in SuperCollider environment as an engineer.



This event is curated by Kacper Ziemianin and Marcello Ghilardi.