Wonderwerp #68 – 28/1/2016


Wondewerp #68 – 28/1/2016 featuring:


-A.S.K. Trio

-Stelios Manousakis

Doors open at 20:00 – Music starts at 20:30
Entrance: €3

Studio Loos,
De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, The Hague



5E7H – Yet Another Erotic Eschatology Through Sound


5E7H is the latest permutation of the multifaceted pataphysical brazilian music and sound entity gatherer Seth Zahn. After more then 15 years doing a bit of everything in the biz he finally settles down to focus on what he loves most, to perform improvised chaotic music catechization for the whole family! That shall be accomplished by sourcing divine powers out of the free improv godz through voltage controlled mumbo jumbo techniques acquired in his infamous peregrinajes through the edges of brazilian plateaus. An absolutely nonstandard set up based on analog modular synthesis carefully patched before and during presentation provides the necessary amplification and a careful order/disorder balance of around 40/60 guarantees optimal conversion.



A.S.K. Trio – Electroacoustic improvisation

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The trio is focused on exploring improvised music from different perspectives, including contemporary music, jazz, electronic music and folk.

Josué Amador (MX):

Composer and guitarist based in the Netherlands. His works explores the boundaries between improvised and written music.
Either as a Composer or as a guitarist, Amador ́s music has been performed in México, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, England, Brazil and Spain.
He holds a Master Degree (MMus) in Composition from the Conservatory of Rotterdam,NL. And is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition at the Academy of Music in Krakow, PL.
Josué Amador currently lives in Roterdam, NL. where he works as a freelance composer and performer.


Leo Svirsky (USA):

Leo Svirsky is a pianist, composer, and accordionist currently based in the Hague. He is active in new and improvised music scenes, as well as interpreting the standard piano repertoire.
He has premiered new works by composers such as Michael Pisaro, Peter Adriaansz, Cornelis de Bondt, David Pocknee, Maya Verlaak, and Robert Blatt. As an improviser, he has collaborated with among others, Raoul van der Weide, Onno Govaert, Katt Hernandez, Jaap Blonk, Anne La Berge, Jasper Stadhouders, Marshall Allen, John Berndt, and Veryan Weston. His performance of Veryan Weston’s large- scale open form piece Tessellations was recently released by the British improv label Emanem.


Dirar Kalash (PS):

Kalash is a musician whose work spans a wide range of musical and sonic practices within a variety of compositional and improvisational contexts. his performative and compositional approaches to instruments, techniques, and aesthetics are highly political as they challenge dichotomies, hierarchies, and binary logics of new/old and west/east as tools of cultural imperialism and hegemony. the methods he uses are based upon his research into the intersections and relationships of music and sound with other contexts such as language, architecture, mathematics, visual arts and further social and human sciences. his regular solo and collaborative performances include but are not limited to audio- visual performances, free jazz groups, string ensembles, solo piano, and live electronics.




Stelios Manousakis – Hertzian Field #2

Stelios Manousakis _ Hertzian Field #1 @ ZKM 2014

Hertzian Field #2 is an immersive performance for an augmented reality environment sounding through the electromagnetic resonance of the human body. In this environment, WiFi waves, body, sound, and space become entangled, forming an open cybernetic system through multiple feedback loops. At center stage, 3 WiFi transmitters/receivers create an electromagnetic triangle at 2.427GHz with their beams – an invisible, dynamic radio field. The water molecules in the performer’s body interfere with this field, absorbing its energy as the radio waves make them resonate. Hertzian Field #2 exposes the raw materiality of WiFi communication, exploring its physical interaction with body and space through sound and movement. This work uses a new sensing technique by Stelios Manousakis, inspired by obscure surveillance research, that leverages the side-effects of wireless transmission to turn WiFi networks into radars revealing human presence and movement patterns.

At Wonderwerp, Stelios will present a preview of the piece, which will premiere at the Globale Festival: Performing Sound, Playing Technology in ZKM Karlsruhe in February.

Stelios Manousakis (GR/NL) is an artist exploring relationships between time, space, body, and system through waves – sound, radio, WiFi. His practice lies in the convergence zones of art, philosophy, science and engineering. His output extends from performances, to environments and interactive installations, to compositions and fixed media works. It most often involves software that he designs, merging algorithmic finesse with the immediacy of audience participation, or the expressiveness of improvisation to fabricate rich and immersive organic worlds.  Stelios’ work has been shown in festivals, venues, centers, museums and galleries across Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Besides his solo work, he has co-founded several music ensembles and multimedia groups, and most recently the intermedial ‘Modern Body Festival’.



This event is curated by Kacper Ziemianin and Marcello Ghilardi.