Wonderwerp April 2014



Wonderwerp April edition presents three fresh projects that will spice our spring! On Thursday 24th April (20.30h 3€) at Studio Loos:

Tjong Pow

Lasse Passage (solo)

Stelios Manousakis & Stephanie Pan: shime-daiko & live electronics


Tjong Pow is an improvisation project by Laurens van der Wee [NL] and Eliad Wagner [IL].

The duo leads the listener through their feedback induced daydreams and creates a collage of freeform electronic music events by playing an interconnected hybrid electronic instrument. Bizarre and highly captivating.

By using tools and techniques from the improvised music practice while borrowing from the sound world and principles of musique concrète, Tjong Pow builds bridges between human physicality and mechanical behavior. The result is an amalgam of sonic events, forced into place by the actions of the two performers on stage.

All music is fully improvised, without any planning or composition beforehand, other than our personal skills, experience, preferences and friendship.”



Lasse Passage creates a distinct sonic environment that juxtaposes bittersweet lyrics with lo-fi and minimal music. The result is a multi-layered musical journey that remains refreshing and highly accessible throughout. The music breaths melancholy yet communicates a delightful feeling of lightness, dreamlike states and weird humour (Eat Concrete Records)



Stephanie Pan: shime-daiko

Stelios Manousakis: live electronics

Stephanie Pan and Stelios Manousakis have been collaborating together since 2005. Projects include: a duo for voice and live electronics; Center no Distractor, a duo for taikos and live electronics (2012-­); Computer Aided Breathing, a live improvisation trio for voice, organ and live electronics with organist Kirstin Gramlich (2006‐); more recently as co-­composers for film, and as a sound art duo – having begun a corpus of radio‐based sound installations.

In Wonderwerp they will perform a piece for shime-daiko (a small Japanese drum) and live electronics (SuperCollider), transplanting elements from the explosive Center no Distractor experience into Loos’ chamber space setup.