Wonderwerp October 2013


Wonderwerp October edition will present three projects using genuine approaches to sonic creation combined with electricity:


imac music

Jonathan Reus + Sonolab

iMac Music is a computer music performance using early iMac G3 machines as e-junk instruments. The computers run software routines as the performers invasively hack their circuitry. Sound material is drawn directly from the electrical signals within the machines and improvised into on-the-spot fragmented rhythms and sonic artefacts. As the circuitry is tampered with, abstract visual patterns are created on-screen, breaking down the Mac desktop, increasing in distortion until the computers’ video memory becomes corrupted beyond recognition.


Kristen Roos 20 Hz – 2.4GHz

Kristen Roos is a Vancouver based sound artist.  His exploration of underground, low frequency and electromechanical sounds is a prominent feature of his work, including his site-specific installation Ghost Station (2007), which utilized an unused Toronto subway station and subway sounds. Roos has been interested in tactile, droning electromechanical sounds since he was a toddler, when he would enjoy pressing his head up against washing machines and dishwashers. The muted sounds and tactile vibrations implicitly suggest this primal association, mingling it with the deep droning noises of modernization, and labor, the spectral, resonant shimmer of the past, present and future. He has exhibited and performed in Canada, Sweden, and the UK.  His writing on sound and radio art appears in the Errant Bodies publication Radio Territories, and the New Star Books publication Islands of Resistance: Pirate Radio in Canada.


Casper electronics is the pseudonym for Hague based American artist Peter Edwards. Edwards builds and hacks custom electronics in order to create sonic, visual and physical drones and noise.”

http://casperelectronics.com/ http://casperelectronics.com/music/