Wonderwerp January edition

wonderwerp january

Wonderwerp comes back in its first 2013 edition presenting artists that deal with concerns of the nowadays socio-political structures and taking a specific position inside those, they make a performance out of it. It will take place on January 24th (20.30h 3€) at Studio Loos with live performances by Moritz Geremus, Marcus graf, David Pocknee, Ana Lemnaru, Andy Ingamells & Leo Svirsky
Moritz Geremus: “The work distortion 2.0 is an audiovisual performance, that symbolizes the breaking out of an environment dominated by constructs of political, social and cultural nature. As it’s main visual theme, the city is used as the daily environment of the individual, but portrayed not as a mere solid arrangement of buildings, but rather a rhizomatic structure that is colored through these constructs.
By the means of audio and video, personal impulses are reflected, expressed and destroyed in a continuous cycle that rhythmically enables to blur and overcome the environment surrounding the individual on a daily basis. The performer as the representative of the individual, is right in the center of this action and will go through a purification process in a 15-minute keyboard-ecstasy.
Marcus Graf provides a solution to the current problems in the art industry by introducing the optimal artist. Although most sectors have embraced technology to optimise their production, most artists are trapped in a pre-industrialised mentality where they hold on to a romantic view of manual labour. This results in a bizarre love-hate relationship with technology. Marcus Graf’s mission is to liberate the artists from their disposition towards technology by introducing the optimal artist. This machine will not only aid in producing the artwork but will be at the root of creation, automatising the entire artistic process. The optimal artist presented is an artificial composer named (by itself) Rosis Tres. Through live demonstrations and a step-by-step analysis, he demystifies and opens a discussion on the nature of the artistic process, one of the last exclusive domains of humanity. Marcus Graf’s works have been shown at festivals like TodaysArt, E-Pulse, STRP and WiredFestival. In spring 2012 he will tour as audio-visual performer with the MC Dance company showing their newest work Imagine.
A new collective of composers, visual artists and performance artists, set up to apply the principles of assembly-line mass-production, pioneered by the American industrialist Henry Ford, to the visual and performing arts. This performance explores the aesthetic and conceptual foundations of New Fordism. We will present a set of new prototype technologies that allow the mass-production of music and visual art, as well as looking at the historical
relationship between art and industry. The New Fordist Organization is part of The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology (www.acesinstitute,eu), an independent research body designed to provide a platform for the use of cultural economics and cultural sociology as the basis for strategic interventions into the art markets.