First performance of “GRAINS” – Saturday March 16, 2019

First performance of “GRAINS” at the BIMhuis on Saturday March 16, 2019. Time: 20:30 during the program Spot on David Kweksilber. “Grains” is the newest result of the interdisciplinary IOM-AIM Research of Studio LOOS The Hague. IOM-AIM is a cooperation between composer/performer Peter van Bergen and software programmer/performer Johan van Kreij which has since 2014 resulted in an extended series of elusive performances and installations with audience participation, performance art, visuals, electro(acoustic) composition and improvisation. “Grains” is a new work for a human Saxophone Quartet (TUMB, another artistic research project of Studio Loos), artificial Saxophone Quartet (IOM-AIM) and audience participation. The title already indicates the main subject of the piece: the smallest particles of sound taken from the TUMB saxophonists will be the grains for a performance in which the audience is actively composing new structures together with the artificial IOM-AIM saxophonists within the environment of and as multilayers on composition 01100110011000110110110100101110001100010010101100110010.

TUMB is Peter van Bergen, David Kweksilber, Leo van Oostrom, and Michiel van Dijk.