First edition of Research Concert Cycle – RCC on Saturday November 7th, 2015 from 12:00-23:45 hrs

Research Concert Cycle – RCC


The Research Concert Cycle (RCC) is an open laboratory for searchers and experimenters, for the curious from any field of work. For us a laboratory is a space and disciplined occasion to think and do and think more or else and do more or else.

– It is not a place or occasion to simply present the known but to test the known meeting the unknown and (hopefully) expand the known or even give up the known.

– It is not a place or occasion for the finished (unless it is being tested itself).

– It is about questions instead of answers.

The Concerts take plays every first Saturday of the month (starting this 7th of November) in Studio LOOS.


Anybody interested is more then welcome to apply for a spot in the program by sending a describing text on how and what you intend to work out and do, including an estimation of the needed time. The text should be sent to at least one week before the occasion you want to present in (so 7 days before the first Saturday of the month). If you have any further questions about the RCC please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Ivan Babinchak

Stefano Sgarbi

Cornelis de Bondt


Cornelis de Bondt