Zukunftswerkstatt IMPROVISATION 2017

From March 14-16, 2017

Peter van Bergen (director of the LOOS Foundation/Studio LOOS, musical composer, improvisor and interpreter) will present at an international conference/meeting about improvisation organised by KUG, Kunstuniversität Graz in Austria,  called

“IMPROVISATION international/innovativ”, workshops and themes related to his PhD research at the University of Brussels:

1. “Improvisation as an art of Stability and Predictability” (Tuesday) 

2. “Improvisation and Syntax” (Wednesday) –

3. “Improvisation as the Art of Instability: Communication, Transformation, Unpredictability and Surprise” (Thursday).

Other presentations, workshops, coachings, discussions and jam sessions will be given by specialists from different countries among which: Ray Anderson (USA) – Joëlle Leandre (FR) – John Kenny (UK) – Petra Stransky (DE) – Andreas Böhlen (DE) – Florian Willeitner (DE) – Anne Liis Poll (EST) – Bert Mooiman (NL) – Karst de Jong (NL) and last but not least Paul Koek (NL)

 Paul Koek (director of the Veenfabriek, theater director and musical performer at amongst others the LOOS Ensemble) will lead a three day workshop named “Create, Don’t Illustrate”.

Check out the website of KUG (Kunstuniversität Graz) for more information!