TUMB & IOM-AIM Research – Saturday 16 March, 2019

Different combinations of artists present brand new groups and works. Studio LOOS is represented with two artistic research projects: TUMB Quartet and IOM-AIM Research. Bounce point of the evening of interesting mixtures is saxophonist David Kweksilber. In this event you may appreciate different threads that form a large weave that can only be seen from the distance:

  1. David Kweksilber solo.
  2. TUMB & IOM-AIM Research with TUMB Winds Quartet: David Kweksilber, Leo van Oostrom, Peter van Bergen and Michiel van Dijk and IOM-AIM Research: Peter van Bergen (concept, composition) /Johan van Kreij (performer, programmer). First performance of “Grains” for human Saxophone Quartet (TUMB), artificial Saxophone Quartet (IOM-AIM) and audience participation. Composition Peter van Bergen, software programming Johan van Kreij.
  3. Step On 2: Peter Kuit tap dance, Wiek Hijmans guitar, David Kweksilber reeds.
  4. ENDENDER: David Kweksilber reeds / keys, Alison Isadora violin / keys, Valentijn Bannier guitar, Jan-Bas Bollen bass, Stefan Kruger drums, Murk Jiskoot percussion.

Until you discover what’s behind the hand-held fans, you won’t rest.
https://www.bimhuis.nl/agenda/spot-on-david-kweksilber/ Saturday March 16.