Experimental noise amp. workshop with Peter Edwards 24/10/2015

Build an amplifier / noise machine with Peter Edwards a.k.a. Casper Electronics

Date: 24th October 2015, 14:00-19:00

Fee per person: 25€

to register email: kaziem@poczta.fm

Location: Studio LOOS, De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, 2518RA Den Haag

amp / noise machine

Second workshop in the series focusing on DIY electronics, circuit bending and hacking and self-made instruments. This time we have Peter Edwards with one of his designs: amplifier / noise making machine.

This is beginners level workshop. All the necessary tools and parts will be provided by us. By the and of the session you will have built a circuit which you can take home and explore further.

You will also have an opportunity to learn/improve your soldering skills, get to know various electronic components, understand how basic amplifiers work and how to hack them.


About the series:

This event is the second one in a series of workshops at Studio LOOS with focus on practical skills and hands-on approach to music making, similar to those of DIY and makers cultures. The aim is to gather together a community of people interested in open source technologies, DIY instruments making and similar, in order to create a platform to share ideas, designs and resources at regular basis. We will try to keep the fees at the minimum and at the end of each workshop the participants will have built an instrument (software or hardware) which they will be able to take home, explore further and use in their musical practice. Workshops are scheduled and organized by Kacper Ziemianin. The second event will be with Peter Edwards.


About the workshop leader:

Peter Edwards is an American artist and musician who has spent the last decade exploring experimental sound and light technologies and producing musical instruments and interactive installations. After receiving a BFA in sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2000, he established the business Casperelectronics through which he sells custom musical instruments and publishes information on circuit bending and hardware hacking. Peter recently graduated the Instruments and Interfaces Master at Sonology in collabortation with STEIM which was focused on making and performing with audio-visual devices which service the desire to hack and innovate while possessing the potential to be musically and profoundly expressive.