Azimut #0


Non‑standard multi‑loudspeaker (NSML) systems also known as speaker orchestras or ensembles consist of a network of diverse loudspeaker groups which provide ultimate control to project music in space. NSML systems make it possible to include space as a full dimension of musical composition.

We would like to invite you to the Azimuth #0 concert on the 20th of February in Studio LOOS. This event emphasizes on utilizing spatial (multichannel) location-specific system for performing electroacoustic music. The composers are invited to create or adapt their composition for this system.

This concert will feature works by:
Siamak Anvari
Peter van Bergen & Johan van Kreij
Bjarni Gunnarsson
Theo Horsmeier
Kees Tazelaar

The concert will take place in Studio Loos on the 20th of February at 20:30. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

This concert is curated by NSML under the direction of Dario Giustarini, Siamak Anvari, Marko Uzunovski.