Ephémère September 2014


Date: 11 september 2014 – 20:30

The first edition of this new season starts with a great evening full of surprises.There will be two electronic solos and an free improvisation quartet. A great way to start the season! Don’t miss it! (doors open at 20:00 and concert start at 20:30 sharp).

Program :   

Martijn Comes [NL] – live electronics

Martijn Comes is a Dutch musician/composer who is specialized in new media, sound design and electro-acoustic composition. He wrote diverse works based on research in popular music, contemporary music and classical music combining elements of various aesthetic, composition techniques and sound design in four releases: “Dominion” (2008), “Lostitude” (2008), “Den Haag” (2009), “Those who know do not speak | Those who speak do not know” (2012), “Galactic Cinema” (2013) and his current work “Infinite Spaces and Beyond (2014)”.

Galm Quartet – improvised music

George Hadow [UK] – drums
Andreas Fulgosi [IT]- baritone guitar
Laurens van der Wee [NL] – no-input mixer
Michael Foster [US]- saxophones

Galm Quartet is an international improvising ensemble consisting of saxophones, baritone guitar, no-input mixer and drums. Their music is defined by its contradictions, rife with both rapid changes and gradual long form development. In energetic and enjoyable live performances, the quartet straddles the fine line between Erik Satie and the Sex Pistols with a both provocative and genuinely sentimental alchemy.

Yiannis Tsirikoglou[GR]- live electronics

Yiannis Tsirikoglou (Gr) (electronics, objects) is an electronic music composer, performer, sound artist and developer currently living and working in The Hague, where he also completed his master degree at the Institute of Sonology.  He is participating in several projects including Eventless Plot (Thessaloniki), Duel Protocol (The Hague), Parallels (Amsterdam) and collaborating with different musicians. Yiannis has released works on labels like  Granny records, Aural Terrains, Another timbre  and performed live at numerous venues and festivals in the Netherlands, Greece, Lithuania, Germany and Italy. He has also composed music for dance performances , animation and film.

In his live performances Yiannis is exploring instabilities of highly sensitive systems.  Algorithms, acoustic sound , object bodies, devices as sound making stations but also as material, electricity  and the space itself define a  medium with fragile feed-backing relationships and interactions. Those conditions of uncertainty provide endless possibilities for interference leading to new spatial sound experiences.