Ephémère September 2013

ephémère sept 2013

Ephémère September 2013

The first edition of the season 2014-2014 will be part of the festival Volkpaleis

Time: 19:30 – 23:00

Location: Electriciteitsfabriek, Constant Rebecquepln 20,  2518 RA Den Haag (www.volkspaleis.org/2013/#location)

Entry: 5€/2,5€

Line up:

EKE – free improv

Yedo Gibson – reeds

Oscar Jan Hoogland – electric clavichord

Gerri Jäger – percussion


Wen Chin Fu

Spine Spinning – live performance with self-made instrument


Yannis Tsirikoglou

Live electronics


EKE takes off from free improvisation. This method, in which creative process and sound result coincide, results in a thrilling on the edge experience for both audience and performers. Each player has his own voice in the counterpoint, employing a highly individual musical language that through intensive playing is sharply attuned to the group. Aware of contemporary conceptions EKE focuses on reshaping free improvisation using elements of noise, jazz, 20th century composed music and punk. The result is a dynamic, forward-moving and anarchic audio experience, featuring fresh instant compositions, broad contrasts in length, dynamics and texture, driving rhythms and high energy. The three band members met in Amsterdam and played for the first time together in September 2007. From the first moment it was obvious that this was not a one-night stand. The flexible trio setting felt right and musical universes expanded. EKE set about playing and developing, including collaborations with the Boucalee Ensemble, and Yedo Gibson’s Royal Improviser’s Orchestra. Concerts followed at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Utrecht Jazz Festival, dOeK Festival, the Loft in Cologne (Germany), and the ZomerJazzFietsTour, culminating in a big tour in Brazil last summer.

Wen Chin Fu, Spine Spinning – live performance with self-made instrument

This performance is a new work of exploring body movement and sound. Étienne-Jules Marey had varies document about the motion. In one of his work,  Etude de la locomotion humaine: Homme marchant avec une baguette fixée le long de la colonne vertébrale,  he successfully created the feeling of spine movement. Spine Spinning performance will rethink human motion by moving through daily exercises.  A designed costume will be present in this performance. www.wenchinfu.com

Yiannis Tsirikoglou, live electronics

In between real and virtual spaces, events and regularity, acoustic, amplified and generative sound, silence and noise this work mainly explores time as the everlasting process of decaying Forms, somehow the same process for the creation of new.

Yiannis Tsirikoglou is a composer / performer / sound artist born in 1981 in Larissa, Greece. In 2000 he moved to Thessaloniki (Greece) where he studied Civil Engineering. In 2009 he attended the Sonology course at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, Netherlands and he has recently finished the Sonology Master studies at the same school with teachers like Kees Tazelaar, Paul Berg, Richard Barrett, Joel Ryan and Johan van Kreij, dealing with subjects including algorithmic synthesis, sound sculpting using mathematical models and spatial composition / synthesis techniques. As a member of the Thessaloniki based trio Eventless Plot, he has released several tracks and albums like the critically acclaimed Ikon cd on Granny records (2009) and the new album Recon which is released from Thanos Chrysakis’ label Aural Terrains in July 2012. E. plot shared the stage with artists like Giuseppe Ielasi, Angel, Vladislav Delay [Synch festival 2008, Knot gallery 2011 (Athens) and many more]. He is also participating in the digital sound duo Duel Protocol with Auris Bavarskis, making sound installations and performances using new technologies and unconventional ways (light feedback systems, typing processes) presented in venues and festivals like Worm(Rotterdam), FIBER Festival(Amsterdam) and Jauna Muzika Festival(Vilnius-Lithuania). Yiannis is working also as a composer / sound designer on film, dance and art installations. In 2011 he made the soundtrack for the animation .::. .::. .::. [DUST], a collaboration with visual artist Mariska de Groot originally made for 360 panoramic cinema and 6 loudspeakers presented at Oddstream Festival 2011(Nijmegen,Netherlands), nominated for punto y raya festival (Reina Sofía ,Madrid) competition and presented in the international Fest of Contemporary animation & media-art LINOLEUM (Moscow). .::. .::. .::. [DUST] soundtrack was released from More Mars label in a special 3” cd edition. Recently he created music and sound for the dance piece Mirage with the choreographer Loreta Juodkaite for the Korzo theater in Den Haag. Active in the free impro scene, he lately attended workshops by Peter Evans, Evan Parker and Sarah Nicolls between others, collaborated with many musicians and participated in the Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble, organized by Richard Barrett. In December 2012 he participated at Quadrophonia#2.0 (International Festival Of Electroacoustic Surround Sound) in Nürnberg improvising with Andre Bartetzki, Lawrence Casserley, Michael Ammann, Christopher Haworth. For his multichannel compositions as well as his live performances he is building his own Max/Msp programs where mathematical models (as trajectories) and trackpad information are used (together with special mapping systems) to control several sound parameters and spatial position of sounds at the same time. His goal is to create immersive new forms of sound with “natural” or complex development in time and space while preserving an intuitive real – time control.