Ephémère September 2012

Ephémère September 2012

The first Ephémère of the season 2012/2013 will happen on next thursday, the 13th of June at Studio Loos at 20.30 (concert starts at 20.30 sharp, doors open at 20.00). 
See details about the program below.

Hope to see you there!

adress Studio Loos: De Constant Rebequeplein 20 B, The Hague 
entrance: 3€
date: thursday 13th of September
time: 20.30 sharp, doors open at 20.00

more info : www.studioloos.com
LIVE IMPROVISATION by ILYA ZIBLAT SHAY (double bass) and ROBERTO GARRETON (guitar & electronics)
CACTUS TRUCK with JOHN DIKEMAN (saxophones), JASPER STADHOUDERS (guitar and bass), and ONNO GOVAERT (drums)

Program Ephémère 13th of September 2012

LIVE IMPROVISATION by ILYA ZIBLAT SHAY (double bass) and guest

Ilya Ziblat Shay is a composer and bass player, born in Haifa, Israel, and currently residing in the Netherlands. His music shifts between freedom and fixedness, exploring combinations of written material together with guided improvisation and various aspects of flexibility. He composes both for instruments and for electronics.
more info:  www.ilyaziblatshay.com


Roberto Garretón, guitarist, composer and electronic music creator, performs as a solo artist, as well as constantly collaborating in multimedia and multidisciplinary artistic projects. Roberto was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1973. He studied Arrangements and Composition in Popular Music in the Escuela Moderna music school in Santiago, Chile, getting a Bachelor’s degree on 1999. In 2002 he moves to the Netherlands to study Sonology in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, from where he got a Master degree in 2007. With some of his fellow students of Sonology they formed the band NiCad, in which Roberto plays the electric guitar, electric bass and live electronics. NiCad has toured extensively through the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, the United Sates and Israel, and they have published two albums, The Hill (2008) and Every day I grow (2007). Roberto also is member of Studio Pebre, an electronic music trio together with Yukari Sawaki and Satoshi shiraishi. They have performed in Japan. Roberto’s academic activities include lectures about Electronic Music in general, talks about his own work, and the use and implementations in SuperCollider. Roberto currently lives in The Hague, Netherlands.




“For the time being” is a collaboration between Australian and Dutch clarinettists Aviva Endean and MichelMarang, exploring the duet form through work by Stockhausen, Scelsi, Ablinger, Augustinus and themselves.

Aviva Endean is a Melbourne-based clarinettist whose performance practice spans a wide variety of musical styles and performance contexts including experimental and improvised music, chamber music, inter-arts collaborations, gypsy, and klezmer music. Her major projects currently include a five piece instrumental group who perform Aviva’s original compositions, Melbourne’s pioneer Gypsy-death-core band who toured the USA, Europe and New Zealand this year, and a new music ensemble which she co-directs who perform new and obscure contemporary art music. More info: www.avivaendean.com

Amsterdam based clarinettist Michel Marang studied with Walter Boeykens and finished conservatory cum laude in 1987, the same year in which he also got his degree in philosophy at Amsterdam University. Hereafter he studied with Hans Deinzer (Germany) and took masterclasses with Roger Heaton (England) and Susan Stephens (USA). Apart from his interest and activities in classical music, theatre, and world-music, Marang specializes in contemporary music. He collaborated with many composers, including Olivier Messiaen, Morton Feldman, Edison Denisov and Karlheinz Stockhausen. With the latter he studied his monumental ‘Harlequin’, a 45 minute solo for a dancing and miming clarinettist. Over fifty compositions were dedicated to him. In addition, Marang wrote music for several theatre productions, such as “Nicky Somewhere Else”, which was very successful on Broadway. Besides, Marang works as a photographer. He was a member, guest and/or soloist with all the leading new music ensembles in Holland, as well as Musikfabrik in Cologne, Contrechamps in Geneva, Aleph in Paris and Studio New Music in Moscow. As a soloist, Michel Marang performed throughout Europe, the USA, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, India, and the Middle-East. He gives seminars at several leading institutions, including the Moscow Conservatory.


CACTUS TRUCK with JOHN DIKEMAN (saxophones), JASPER STADHOUSERS (guitar and bass), and ONNO GOVAERT (drums)

Cactus Truck creates startlingly intense music, not merely in terms of volume or velocity but through complete physical/psychological surrender. One can find hints of early free jazz, Japanese noise, no wave and delta blues in the music.
Cactus Truck, which is based in Amsterdam, has performed extensively in the Netherlands as well as Belgium, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, France and Norway. John Dikeman was selected for the 2012 Young VIPs Tour (an honor awarded to two musicians in the Netherlands every year) which featured Cactus Truck playing in all of the major jazz venues in the Netherlands. The band performed at the 2012 Artacts festival in St. Johann, Austria. Tours of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and the USA are planned for 2012. Cactus Truck will also perform at the 2012 Umbrella Festival in Chicago.
Cactus Truck has worked frequently with members of The Ex, including Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Colin McLean and Arnold de Boer (ZEA). Other musicians who have collaborated with Cactus Truck include:  Han Bennink, Jeb Bishop, Dave Rempis, Ab Baars, Peter Jacquemyn, Jon Rune Strøm, Nicolau Lafetá, Nicolas Field, TeunVerbruggen. Cactus Truck has opened for The Ex, The Thing, Thomas Ankersmit, Kevin Drumm, Jackdaw with Crowbar.

John Dikeman is an American saxophonist currently residing in Amsterdam. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, John’s playing runs the gamut of improvised music and technique, ranging from reductionist extended technique based improvisation to full throttle free jazz. The underlying characteristic of his music is an unnerving commitment, a total abandonment to sound. John has performed extensively in the USA as well as Canada, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Israel, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands where he is an active performer and organizer. He has recorded three albums as a leader and performed with many of the most notable improvisers from the USA and abroad including Joe McPhee, Han Bennink, Andy Moor, Terrie Ex, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Roy Campbell, Hilliard Greene, Mike Reed, Frank Rosaly, Klaus Kugel, Wilbert de Joode, Michael Vatcher, Daniel Carter, Lukas Ligeti, Tatsuya Nakatani, Mike Pride, Nate Wooley, Peter Jacquemyn… More info: www. johndikeman.com

Jasper Stadhouders (Tilburg, NL, 1989) is a guitarist and bassist based in Amsterdam. He is an active member of the international improvised music circuit. He is a co-founder of the band Cactus Truck (with John Dikeman and Onno Govaert) and the Stadhouders/Govaert/De Joode Trio (with Wilbert De Joode and Onno Govaert) and works as a sideman in various groups (a.o. Spinifex Quintet), next to playing countless of ad hoc improv shows. He also occasionally works in the fields of dance, theatre and contemporary music. Jasper has played with Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Paal Nilssen-Love, Marshall Allen, Wolter Wierbos, Noel Redding, Ken Vandermark, Jim Black, Tobias Delius, Andrew D’Angelo, Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Wilbert De Joode, Peter Evans, Frank Rosaly, Dave Rempis, Michael Moore, Jeb Bishop, Peter Jacquemyn, Trevor Dunn, Ingrid Laubrock and many more. Jasper has performed extensively in Europe, as well as in the USA. More info: www.jasperstadhousers.com

Onno Govaert began his career when he was 11 years old in a punk-band. During high school he was obsessed by jazz music and performed with dutch jazz stars in jazz clubs. After high school Onno moved to Amsterdam where he developed a remarkable way of playing the drums described in reviews as unconventional, devouring, spectacular, threatening, and “as if the devil is chasing him”. He plays in many free jazz / improv related groups with which he has performed in prominent venues and festivals in Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and the USA. Musicians he played with include Ab Baars, Wilbert de Joode, Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Arthur Doyle, Dave Rempis, Frank Rosaly, Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Theo Loevendie, Trevor Dunn, Shazad Ismaily, Benoit Delbecq, Audrey Chen, Joost Buis, Tobias Klein and Lori Freedman. More info: www. soundcloud.com/onnogovaert