Ephémère October 2016


SABINA AHN – “Breath” – Live performance

YOTA MORIMOTO – Interludes performed with Shuhei Takezawa

ANDRIUS ARUTIUNIAN – “Voyages” – Live audio-visual set

Sabina is a Korean artist who works with sound, visuals and coding. She has graduated from a MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University in London, and she has moved to the Hague recently to continue her research in ArtScience at the Art Academy/Royal Conservatory. Her recent research involves finding hidden rules and patterns in natural elements and translating them into different shapes of perceptual experience.

Breath is an interactive light and sound installation/performance, operated by human breath. As a wind instrument, this work has been developed to control sound and light with human breathing, made
of DIY circuits and e-wastes.Breath uses amorphous energy from the human body and transforms it into different shapes: breathe to light and sound, vitalising an inorganic object. Human respiration

is visualised by dimming bulbs, activates the machine and involves functioning.The piece has been made of electronic junks such as old telephone’s microphone and old PC’s metal frame to illustrate new life from the dead devices and to allude a transformable relationship between human/natural element and machine.

Yota Morimoto is a Japanese composer, sound artist and researcher born in Brazil, and based currently in The Hague. He holds a master’s degree in Sonology from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and a Ph.D. in composition from the University of Birmingham in England. His music has been performed and commissioned by several ensembles and musicians and his sound installations and audio-visual works have been presented at various festivals all over the world. Yota is also active in sound design, sonification and an interactive sonic system implementation.

Shuhei Takezawa is a Japanese cello and viola da gamba player. He plays in various styles ranging from early baroque to classical and contemporary music. Shuhei graduated at Tokyo University of Arts, and worked with New Japan Philharmonic from 2006 to 2013. He is a member of several ensembles and he is also a teacher at Toho Gakuen College Music Department. Since September 2015, Shuhei is studying Early Music with Lucia Swartz at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

Andrius is a Lithuanian-Armenian composer and sound artist currently based in The Hague. He studied composition with Yannis Kyriakides and Peter Adriaansz at the Royal Conservatory.

As a composer, one of his main interests is in the digital domain and the influence of the contemporary audio-visual culture on our perception of reality.