Ephémère October 2011

11th october 2011

Wen Chin Fu / Mei-Yi Lee / Nanda Milbreta

This collaboration is exploring the possibilities of performing customized self-made instruments. The self-made instruments suggest a new form of performing on stage. The instruments have been designed in specific shape for producing sound, especially the sound of metal and spring. By building up and playing the instruments, Nanda, Mei-Yi and Wen Chin experiment and develop various method of introducing the instruments. In this concert, Nanda, Mei-yi and Wen Chin will present 3 compositions of the new instruments.
Wen Chin Fu (Taiwan) graduated in Shih-Chien University ,Music Department, Taipei, Taiwan (2006) gratuated in The Royal Art Academy, ArtScience Interfaculty, Den Haag (2010). Performing with choreographer Kirstie Simpson and contact improvisation dance company Ku dance company since 2004. Collaborate with Rebecca Ballestra for sound composition since 2007. Experimenting with sound for site-specific project and performing with self-made instrument. At the same time, collaborating with video artist, dancers, and musicians in Europe. www.wenchinfu.com
Mei-Yi Lee (Taipei, 1982).After achieved her bachelor degree at the National Taiwan University of Arts she moves to The Netherlands to continue her musical education at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague under the supervision of Fedor Tunisse, Luuk Nagtegaal, Hans Zonderop Presently she is a regular guest performer with several ensembles such as Slagwerkgroep Den Haag, Taiwan Youth Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble 1002, and the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, among others; performing in important concert halls from France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, China and Taiwan. She is currently concluding her Masters degree at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, focusing in the percussion works of John Cage as well as collaborating frequently with young artists and composers.
Nanda Milbreta (Latvia) is a sound artist, living and working in The Hague, NL. Nanda’s background lies in classical music, she studied cello and saxophone, but currently she is developing new instruments to make her sounds. For this performance, in order to create new musical instrument prototypes, Nanda has been playing with the sonic peculiarities of metal in a musical way. www.neon-landa.com
Hugo Morales Murguia / Goska Isphording

Hugo Morales Murguia (Mexico City, 1979) is a composer and sound artist based in the Netherlands. His current work focuses on the development of alternative instruments for sound oriented composition through the extension of traditional instruments and/or implementations of rudimentary objects. Various technological applications, physical sound processes and unconventional instrumental techniques are usually elements defining his music composition and performance. Harpsichordist Goska Isphording specializes in the performance of contemporary music. She gives solo recitals and performs with chamber music ensembles and orchestras. She is also active in music theatre and multimedia productions and has premiered numerous solo and chamber music works. Goska Isphording is born in Poland, where she started her Early Music harpsichord study at the Krakow Academy of Music, and graduated cum laude in 1998. In 2001 she obtained her diploma at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (The Netherlands) where she studied with Patrick Ayrton. Her interest in contemporary art led her to follow the Masters in program contemporary harpsichord techniques with Annelie de Man at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. Her performances in the Netherlands and other European countries brought her in contact with young composers which resulted in numerous pieces being written for her. Goska Isphording has participated in various festivals for contemporary music. Her concerts are frequently broadcast. She is a founding member of Roentgen Connection – ensemble for the performance of the contemporary chamber music.
Mathieu Garrouste / David Vilayleck
A very contemporary ambient noise music akin to noise / shouting, where irritating bursts meet devastated post-industrial landscapes, in which a human hand can sometimes be felt… Laptop and turntable improvisations inspired by digital noise, rather than analog synths, it’s not electronic music, but sounds based on an interruption. A bandwith of a hail of information, encoded and compressed, made audible and manipulated, but very similar to the original signal, information encoded by protocols we are unable to understand, without an appropriate interface, so it’s better to play with them and feel them.
David Vilayleck (guitar/laptop, 1980, France) Music studies, electro-acoustics, jazz improvisation, guitar, at the french conservatories of Perpignan and Strasbourg, he performs worlwide with bands or as a solo project named Ayankoko. Over 15 releases on the web in Spain, UK , Germany, Mexico, Russia, France, and also Ayanrecords netlabel owner, developed his art from 2004 through the internet and the use of Creative Commons and open sources. His music ranges from noise to ambient frecuencies, abstract drones, minimal beats, DIY electronica, to instrumental improvisation and/or production. ayankoko.blogspot.com www.myspace.com/ayankoko
Mathieu Garrouste (saxophone/electronic, 1982, France) Active in Paris as a freelance sax player. He’s using a turntable with a sherman filter and a loopstation to build his experimental music. He’s part of many projects and co-organizes a concert series through Trashvortex in Kobe, Paris. www.yage.fr