Ephémère November 2011

10th november 2011

Jim Zweerts / Martijn Barendregt / Payam Shahali

This project started as an improvisation/installation work of Martijn Barendregt and Jim Zweerts. Later Payam Shahali joined, and the project became more performance orientated. The original installation focused on the recycling of sounds, using them in new contexts, structures and qualities. New qualities where made both spatially and timbrally with the use of different lo-fi speakers throughout the space. The new form of the project still incorporates recycling, but is more focused on microstructures and a partially prepared form. For this performance in Loos, the spatialization will be in stereo format.
Jim Zweerts (1988, The Hague) is a graduation student at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. In his electronic compositions, the interaction between handcrafted collages and computer-generated structures is an important point of departure. A method to connect these contrasting working methods and allowing them to form new relations, is the use of a succession of transformations. Every transformation, either handcrafted or automized, is input for a new transformation, thereby allowing them to influence each other. This performance is a live improvised version of a similar process.
Martijn Barendregt (1986, Muscat, Oman) has a broad interest in the phenomenon called sound. Here the term sound covers the complete spectrum. From sound seen as a physical phenomenon till sound seen as a complex mixture of all corresponding associations. The latter forming the communicative potential of sound. His interest in technology plays a crucial role in the development of his music. However the use of new techniques will as far as possible serve a creative and quite personal process. The focus of his work concerns feedback. From the simplest Larsen-effect until feeding back (musical) parameters. From a more philosophical point of view the composer/musician can be seen as a link in a feedback chain. Critical and constructive feedback leads to an ever rapidly growing expansion.
Payam Shahali is born on 11 september 1986 in Tehran (Iran). He currently studies at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. His main interests are microsound and transformational processes. With these techniques he explores in depth the morphology and possibilities of sound material. The transformed sounds and variations then form a basis for his compositions. His music is characterized by stochastic controlled microtime movements and geometric shapes.

Yota Morimoto

Yota is developing detailed sonic models whose possibilities are explored in an audiovisual live setting. In an attempt to address an idiomatic approach to digital media, the generated signals are transcoded into binary patterns and visualized using a custom-made program.
Yota Morimoto (1981) is a Japanese composer born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently undertaking a doctorate research at the University of Birmingham, UK. His works explore unconventional approaches to generating and transmitting sound, implementing models of noise, turbulence and abstract machines. His works have been presented in festivals and conferences such as Gaudeamus Music Week [amsterdam], TodaysArtFestival [den haag], NWEAMO [mexico], Transmediale [berlin], ISEA [ruhr, istanbul], makeart festival [poitier], EMUfest [rome], ICMC [belfast], and SMC [porto, balcerona].

Yedo Gibson / Marcio Gibson / Tiago Morgado

Yedo Gibson was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1981. At the age of 11 he started to play the tenor saxophone and on his 15ths was giving classes at the AquiJazz conservatoire in Sao Paulo and playing all over Brazil with various musicians such as Mario Margarido, Panda Gianfratti, Ricardo Zoio and others. In 1999 he joined the Armazen Abapuru, group of traditional Brazilian music in a contemporary context where he was in charge of the development of the improvisation aspect in the group. They recorded 2 albums with musicians of Hermeto Pascoal group (Nene, Carlos Malta and Jovino Santos Neto). Armazen has been traveling all over Brazil giving workshops and Concerts in the Vila Lobos Caravana Musical Project. Parallel with this he was starting his own work with the drummer Panda Gianfratti, with had recorded 5 albums including with a sextet called Abaetetuba directed by Yedo.
Tiago Morgado started his formal musical studies in 2000, studying alto viola, computer music, musicology and improvisation with people such as Jorge Alves, Gerhard Doderer, Tomas Henriques, Rui Dias, Gustavo Costa, Carlos Guedes, among others. Attended to seminars, workshops, masterclasses and lectures with people such as Fred Frith, Mark Dresser, Jason Hwang, William Parker, Anette Vande Gorne, Andre Bartetzki, Douglas Kahn, Hans Timmermans, Pedro Rebelo, Mario Vieira de Carvalho, Ruy Vieira Neri, Miguel Azguime, Henry Vega, Jan T. von Falkenstein, Than Van Nispen. He was associated with acts such as :papercutz in the final of their lylac promotion tour, playing in venues and festivals such as sxsw, exit festival, plano b (first part of High Places gig), and Islington Metal Works. The netlabel which he was founder of and curator of (XS Records [PT Netlabel]) from 2008 to 2010, has released music of him aswell as music of people such as Karlheinz Essl, Agnes Heginger, Klaus Burger, Mathew Ostrowski, among others. He is currently starting an Ma Degree at Institute of Sonology Den Haag, where he is taking classes, among others, with people such as Kees Tazelaar, Richard Barrett, Joel Ryan, Frank Balde, Paul Berg, and Raviv Ganchrow.


Based on material created for a performance at the Lost Theory festival in Croatia last august, Einoma will play a set that explores the more adventurous and experimental part of their sound. Drones and noises meet beats and melodies in a more improvised and unexpected setting than usual for the duo. Einoma is a collaboration between two Icelandic friends and studio partners, Bjarni and Steindor. Having released two highly acclaimed albums as well as various 12, remixes and compilation tracks, the pair recently teamed up again in the Netherlands. The first impressions of the new meetings can be found on the recent eps ‘Tvenna and Lost&Found. The duo is now working on a third album.
Bjarni Gunnarsson is an Icelandic composer / sound artist born in 1980 in Reykjavik. As a member of the electronic music duo Einoma, he has released numerous LPs, EPs, compilation tracks and remixes on labels like Vertical Form, Thule, Uni:form, Spezial Material, Trachanik and lmalc. Bjarni has performed his music in concerts and festivals in Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Ireland and Iceland. He has also presented multichannel compositions at the WFS system in Leiden (192 speakers), the WFS system in Berlin (832 speakers) and the BEAST system in Birmingham (up to 100 speakers).
Steindor Kristinsson is an electronic sound artist currently situated in Den Haag. He has (for the last 6 years) been studying at the Institute of Sonology and performing electronic music in various projects: around Den Haag and other Europien cities. At this point Steindors performance focuses on a fusion and interaction between experimental electronic sounds and rhythms.