Ephemere November 2010

Ephémère 11.11.2010

Malgorzata Haduch and Ab Baars
The members of Unfinished Company are working independently. They develop their own projects separately but meet regularly under the umbrella of Unfinished Company. The company was established in 2006 from the initiative of Malgorzata Haduch. The group is realizing improvised performances, where music and dance co-exist as one artistic form. There is no division for ‘sound and movement’, yet it is about creating emotional states and vibrations that transform the space. The key-words for musicians and dancers are: sharpening the intuition, transforming the energies, opening up the senses, surrendering to the ‘unknown’ and manifestation of the life experience through emotional, physical and mental states. Dutch musician-composer and bandleader Ab Baars performs on tenor saxophone, clarinet and shakuhachi. He focuses mainly on the Ab Baars Trio, Duo Baars-Henneman and the ICP Orchestra. In reviews Baars’ music has been characterized as joyfully obstinate, but surely appealing and as colourful as it is astonishing. It embodies the best typically Dutch improvised music has to offer. Although he seldomly uses recognizable song forms or ongoing swing rhythms, the music stays catchy, because it is stripped to the essence and clearly presented.

Robert Blatt, Maya Verlaak, David Poknee
Robert Blatt, David Pocknee and Maya Verlaak will perform music written by Robert for acoustic and electric guitars. Over the last few years he has been experimenting with a variety of different approaches to the instrument, including various tuning systems, preparations, and its use with live electronics.

Steindor Kristinsson
Steindor Kristinsson‘s project is a part of a laptop performance where his recent tape pieces composed 2009 2010 get a realtime treatment.