Ephémère May 2012

Rouge Nereid

Nicolas Bonadio : Guitar/Processing/ Jordi Cassagne : Double Bass/Objects

Rouge Nereid was created some months ago by two musicians and friends who have been playing, performing and improvising together in various ensembles for about 7 years.
They are both fascinated in sound textures, timbres, frequencies interaction in space and for them the act of making music is an event that allows to have a unique experience of time. A ritual of the instant in witch time can be stretched and can breath along the motions and metamorphoses of sound.

Nicolas Bonadio: Composer, Guitarist, Performer, Nicolas Bonadio was born in Agen, a little town in the south west of France. After piano and composition studies, began to learn playing on guitar, folk, rock and jazz music. At high school, he met a young jazz trio and joined them. Speedily, his influences were fixed with a preference for avant garde, and as he says the nearly beautiful things. Nicolas makes also music-lights installations and contemporary art. He is now living in Berlin in Germany.

Jordi Cassagne: French double bass player and composer, he had the chance to perform in Nertherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Cape-verde or Brazil and on jazz festivals such as Jazz in Marciac, Jazz a Vienne or Tudo e Jazz in Ouro Preto. In 2008 he started studying in the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague combining Jazz and Early Music. In 2010, he creates his own octet The Esplumeor Chamber Ensemble witch is the realisation of a compositional work as well as a research on the dimensions of space and time in music perception.Jordi is alreading involved in several musical adventures: 66Whales, Alban Claret Trio, Lafe Beme, Mitchto la Pompe, Rouge Nereid, Yaniv Schonfeld Cadavre project, MST octet & Benat Achiary

Fani Konstantonidou & Glenn Ryszko

As a duo we started working on a few electronic pieces, inspired by eastern traditional percussion instruments, almost a year ago. Even though we have similarities in the way we work as individuals, we share a very different musical background. Through our collaboration we explore our personal aesthetics and we are aiming to use our differences in a creative way. Therefore our music is often characterized by elements of contrast and antitheses. In this performance we use recordings of the same percussion instruments as our main sound material but this time we use it to create a new, live piece with improvisation elements.

Fani Konstantinidou (GR) is a composer/sound artist, living and working in the Netherlands. She has studied Music Technology & Acoustics (BS) and Arts and Technologies of Sound (MA) in Greece. Recently she obtained her second Master in Sonology/Royal Conservatory of The Hague-The Netherlands with the financial support of the Greek National Scholarships Foundation (IKY). Part of her research, focuses on conceptual composition, sonic images as well as the imagination of the listener in electroacoustic music. In her music, she explores the power of space and time as compositional tools that affect listeners perception and she has a particular interest in combining computer generated sounds with physical sound sources. Currently she is working as a composer/sound designer for films as well as she is collaborating with several artists such as the harpist Angelica Vazquez and the photographer/visual artist Chrisa Sereti.

Glenn Ryszko was born in 1986 and raised in The Netherlands. Currently he is studying at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag where he focuses on electronic music composition. In his work, he is using computers but also magnetic tape and analog devices. With his music, he explores the world of contrast, tension and dynamics and he focuses on layers and varieties of textures.

Assaf Gidron

Solo computer instrument improvisation. Cheerful general midi, patterned sine waves and sad samples.

Assaf Gidron is a composer, improviser and sound designer. He gained professional experience in film sound and music production in Tel-Aviv, and later moved on to studying music composition first in London and then in Den Haag. Assaf’s work is often shaped and endangered by several different approaches to music, from film sound design, to classical composition, useful technology, experimental aesthetics, song and dance.

Racket Ruckus

Musical competition is found in many places, from drummers attempting to lead the rhythm in traditional African music to Jazz musicians struggling to play the piece final note. Only rarely though do we find actual games, which is a bit of a shame and indeed in the case of computer music quite odd considering how games (after spam and pornography) are one of the most popular usages for computers. This is not to say there is no link, but traditionally it has taken a bit of a back seat; few players, for example, were aware that the them of Zelda was composed in pure Assembler. We intend to place this link front and centre instead. Racket

1) The formal name for the bat or paddle in table tennis.
2) A Scheme implementation, formerly called PLT-Scheme; a Lisp. Ruckus

(informal US English) A noisy argument or disturbance.

Kassen makes software, music and radio, often at the same time. He likes complex systems and simple pleasures, his music was released on labels like Bunker and MIT Press.

Ji makes music for instruments and computer, often at the same time. She likes simple systems and complex pleasures, her music can be heard online and in other places.