Ephémère March 2018

Guest curator: Marit Mihklepp

Victoria Douka- Doukopoulou / Flora Reznik / Yun Indrid Lee

2018.03.08 ephemere #73

studio loos

de constant rebecqueplein 20B

den haag

time: 20:30-22:30


solo: flora reznik (ARG) 

solo: victoria douka-doukoupoulou 

solo: ingrid yun lee 

solo: marit mihklepp (EE) 

Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou lives in The Hague (NL) where she graduated with a BA in artscience from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and the Royal Conservatory in 2017. She currently works for the sonic acts festival and runs the experimental publication and distribution project oneacre.online. As a filmmaker, she gathers and assembles the invisible, the unthinkable and the unappreciable and usually turns them into films, sometimes into bio-things. Her work grows and moves, literally — acatalog.allthingsinvisible.online complies stories of the invisible, the unthinkable and the inappreciable. The installation of the three-fold catalogue indexes scores for a performative lecture, a documentary and an archive that can never be actualised as their building material is the invisible itself. The catalogue is mainly words — technical words, English words motivated by the sensitivity of practicing the art of 

noticing, of looking for traces and ways of knowing and world making.

Flora Reznik is an Argentinian artist based in The Netherlands, where she develops her work as an artist in the fields of video, performance, installation and text. She is busy with the notions of physicality, territory and time. She studied in Universidad del Cine, obtained a diploma in Philosophy (University of Buenos Aires), while she worked as a video editor in film and TV, and co-funded a contemporary arts magazine. In The Netherlands, she graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty department, in The Royal Academy of Art, and currently co-curates the artist initiative Platform for Thought in Motion.

Yun Ingrid Lee (fka Ingrid Eel) is an artist, composer, and performer interested in failure, hybridity, and collective sensing. Yun’s work investigates histories and power relations in acoustic phenomena and different media technologies. Yun has been 1/2 of Come on you F…., curator of the Paarden Eiland Concert series in Cape Town, and curator of the Bartalk lecture series in The Hague. Yun’s sounds have been released through Another Timbre, Innova Recordings, and The Lab. Yun’s digital publication “Poetics and Politics of Erasure” was recently launched on oneacre.online.

Yun will be presenting a remixed lecture on erasure, acceleration, digital identities, camouflage, and other thoughts on noise. 

Marit Mihklepp is an Estonian artist currently living and working in The Hague (NL). She is obsessed with the rich variety of communication forms between human and other beings. She has interviewed an office chair, lived together with slime moulds and river stones, designed the human body odour collection with skin bacteria, drawn cities on the human body. Marit is interested in everyday situations and movements in which she composes physical or imaginary guidelines/repetitions/deviations. In her latest work “Conversations with matter” Marit was investigating the possibility of slowing down the human time to the one of stones.

EPHÉMÈRE concertseries at Studio LOOS

curators/producers: marie guilleray and bjarni gunnarsson

art of sound: michele abolaffio

art of food: mari mako

EPHÉMÈRE concertseries at Studio LOOS is a production of the LOOS Foundation