Ephémère March 2011

Minus 2
Teodora Stepancic, piano & objects
Corne Roos, bass instruments
-2 is the duo of Teodora Stepancic (piano and objects) and Corné Roos (bass instruments). Their music and performances range from free Improvisation, theater, electricity, musical noise and free instrumentation. Next thursday they will present improvisations, “Bass on a table” piece by Teodora Stepancic , and “Piano 3 hands”, piece by Corné Roos. More info at http://minus-2.tumblr.com/

Los compadres
Rodrigo Reijers, contrabass, mouth-harp, flutes, voice
Rodrigo Parejo, flutes, voice, percussions
Los compadres is a duo of Rodrigo Reijers (contrabass, mouth-harp, flutes, voice,…) and Rodrigo Parejo (flutes, voice, percussions,…) Both are improvising musicians and active in the international contemporary scene of music,. In this duo project they explore interesting possibilities within the sound , inspired by minimal music, modern improvisation and pigmy music (otherwise folkloristic tradition) that brings the listener inside of their experimental journey in the world of music and sound. We will hear different instruments that are uncommon in the western world , different rhythms and textures that will surprise the listener as well as the players.

Michael Chinen
Michael Chinen , electronics
As a programmer and a musician Michael has to appreciate the structure, network, and hierarchy of process. This performance will consist of sonification (the act of turning data into sound) of computer processes in several parts. One will use a hacked debugger to sonify normal programs such as TextEdit in real time by fetching memory, cpu thread state, and more. This approach reveals the macro structure in processes in the computer. Another part will work on the micro scale by taking common sorting algorithms and turning them into sound and visuals. Lastly a custom web browser that was written for sonification from the inside out will be demonstrated. Michael Chinen was born in Honolulu in 1982. He is a programmer, involved in several open source projects including Audacity, FFmpeg, and the Institute for Algorhythmics, a group which focuses on sonification. He also composes and performs. He studied computer music and synthesis with Charles Dodge (Dartmouth College), Richard Karpen (University of Washington) and Naotoshi Osaka (Tokyo Denki University). More info http://fuckingsound.com