Ephémère June 2013

Ephemere Juin 2013

poster design: Karl Ingi Karlsson

Ephémère 13th June 2013  

(entrance is 3€,doors open at 20:00, concert starts at 20:30)


Kaja Draksler (piano) and Onno Govaert (drums), free improvisation

Casper Schipper, live electronics solo 

Rodrigo Parejo Mateos, Lovorka Holjevac, Karl Ingi Karlsson and Þráinn Hjálmarsson performing music by Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson and Þráinn Hjálmarsson


Kaja Draksler and Onno Govaert started playing as a duo only recently. Their respective musical backgrounds, personal esthetics, and ideas create very rich and powerful music. This will be their first concert ever!

Onno Govaert, drums, born 1987 in Kaatsheuvel (Efteling), lives in Amsterdam and is a member of different jazz, free jazz and improvised music groups such as Cactus Truck, Govaert/deJoode/Stadhouders trio, RIO, Trialectics, duo Vatcher/Govaert among others. He has played with musicians Arthur Doyle, Joe McPhee, Terrie Ex, Ab Baars, Chris Corsano, Roy Campbell, Jeb Bishop, Wolter Wierbos, Han Bennink, Michael Moore, Ken Vandermark, Peter Evans, Matts Gustafsson and many more.

Kaja Draksler was born in Kranj, Slovenia in 1987. She is a pianist and composer. Currently she is studying Masters of classical composition at The Conservatory of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in jazz piano with honors at Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen, The Netherlands in June 2009. She is the leader of Acropolis Quintet, the founder of BadBooshBand, as well as active member of European Movement Jazz Orchestra (EMJO) and Kasu. She’s been commissioned to write for Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, Metropole Orchestra, EMJO, Looptail, Big Band RTV Slovenia, Romana Krajncan, Jararaja, Janez Dovc and others. She has been performing in Slovenia, Italiy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Romania, The Netherlands, Croatia, Macedonia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Estonia, Norway, Ireland, Egypt and USA.


Casper Schipper is an electronic musician born in 1984 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He studied Sonology at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague. Pieces have been performed at the Gaudeamus Music Week, Amsterdam DNK, the 2009 Shanghai International Electroacoustic Music Week, Studio Loos, Instituto de Sonologia en Argentina,  the Institute for New Music, Bremen and Folkwang Hochschule Essen. He has also collaborated with composers Rozalie Hirs, Willem Boogman and VocaalLab. Together with Emmanuel Flores he started Monotone, a studio focused at creation of interactive technology. For more info www.monotonestudio.nl / www.casperschipper.nl (also go here for the links to my Github)

For this performance at Studio Loos, Casper Schipper will present a live coding session, using ChucK and perhaps some PD.
The duration is around 20 minutes, if no fatal crashes occur before.


Rodrigo Parejo Mateos, Lovorka Holjevac, Karl Ingi Karlsson and Þráinn Hjálmarsson perform music by the composers Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson and Þráinn Hjálmarsson. Both composers are members of the Icelandic composer’s collective S.L.Á.T.U.R [Society of artistically obtrusive composers around Reykjavík] and have used in recent years animated notation in their works for different artistic reasons.

Þráinn Hjálmarsson (b. 1987) studied composition with the composers Atli Ingólfsson, Yannis Kyriakides and Gilius van Bergeijk at the Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík and at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, from 2006-2011. His works have been performed at various places on various occasions worldwide by artists such as Uusinta-ensemble, SKARK string ensemble, Njúton, Athelas-sinfonietta, Duo Harpverk, Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Klang and Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir. Þráinn is a member of the composers collective S.L.Á.T.U.R (Society of artistically obtrusive composers around Reykjavík), the art and technology forum LornaLAB and chairman of the Icelandic committee of UNM(Ung Nordisk Musik)-festival.

Currently residing in Reykjavík, working on various projects such as running the concert series, Hljóðön (e. Phonems) at Hafnarborg Art Center and developing the musical instrument Þránófónn (e. Thranophone), a feedback instrument based on acoustic resonance in various (complex/simple) cavities.