Ephémère June 2011

9th of June 2011

Program details:

Torque, a harp and electronics piece by Hugo Morales Murguia performed by Milana Zaric
(for harp and pedal-propelled DC motors)

In Torque the harp is explored as a perpetual string resonator. The vibration of the different strings creates clouds of overtones constantly changing over time. The harpist regulates the resonance of the instrument and controls the strings to be excited by manipulation of the harp pedal.
Hugo Morales Murguia (Mexico City, 1979) is a composer and sound artist based in the Netherlands. His current work focuses on the development of alternative instruments for sound oriented composition through the extension of traditional instruments and/or implementations of rudimentary objects. Various technological applications, physical sound processes and unconventional instrumental techniques are usually elements defining his music composition and performance.
Belgrade born, the Netherlands based, Milana Zaric is a harp player currently doing research in contemporary music and improvisation at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. She holds a position as principal harpist in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, performing regularly under top international conductors and soloists. She is active as soloist, improviser and chamber musician.

Four pieces by Þráinn Hjálmarsson performed by Karl Ingi Karlsson, Lovorka Holjevac, Nikolaj Kynde and Þráinn Hjálmarsson
Those four pieces were made in the period of 2007-2011. All of them deal with rhythm in some way. Rhythm is here limited either by a musical instrument or a notation.
Þráinn Hjálmarsson studied composition at the Academy of the Arts in Iceland 2003-2006, he is an active member of the composer’s collective S.L.Á.T.U.R (Society of artistically obtrusive composers around Reykjavík). Þráinn is a proud inventor of the first generation of Thranophones, which is presented in this concert, furthermore he has in collaboration with the artist Pieter De Buck developed the second generation of that instrument.
Lovorka Holjevac is a croatian singer who works on connecting jazz improvisation and vocal folk techniques from various cultures and countries. She is working on a M.A. project that connects and compares cultures through their music, finding their similarities, defining them through their differences and merging them through improvisation as a universal language of all music.
Electronic musician, designer and sonology student Karl Karlsson has been involved with the icelandic art and fashion underground for years doing various performances and installations. His musical alter egos include Johnny Sexual, Karl Kona, Karl Valberg and the Square-wave Samurai, each dealing with a different music genre.
Nikolaj Kynde is a Danish trombone player with roots in the scene of jazz and improvised music.He now studies Sonology at the royal conservatory of the Hague, were he among other explores the possibilities of computers as instruments and instruments as computer interfaces.

Audio visual performance by Bjarni Gunnarsson (electronics) and Cedric Dupire (visuals)
After collaborating on a video for the piece ‘Dried up’ for the release of the album Safn 2006-2009, Bjarni & Cedric are now preparing a new audio-visual work that penetrates the audible microcosm and visual nature. Although the techniques used vary, one constant is emerging, to compose the smallest offered in sound and image, to engage the micro-events. The performance will feature two new pieces to be performed live, both image and sound.
Cedric Dupire, through his 3 long feature documentary films questioned the link between music and environment. His work followed different cinematographic forms, from ethnographic film to experimental documentary. The right man at the right place use direct cinema in order to show the forceful personality of Fadouba Oularé. We don’t Care About Music Anyway…, through a sensitive approach, build an environment in which the radical music of the protagonists and the sound of the city are in motion. Nowadays, Cedric Dupire explore experimental forms on Super 8 films. No More Free Memory… was his first experimental short film.
Bjarni Gunnarsson is an Icelandic composer / sound artist born in 1980. Member of the electronic music duo Einóma, he has released numerous LPs, EPs, and collaborations on various labels. Bjarni has performed his music in concerts and festivals in Germany, England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Ireland and Iceland. He studied composition at the CCMIX center in Paris, and is currently completing a master degree at the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag.

“Toverlantaarn”, an audio visual performance by Dotnotator (Ludmila Rodrigues, Marijke van Gorp, Mike Rijnierse and Nenad Popov)
“Toverlantaarn” is a light performance which makes use of an early visual technique, known as shadowplay, or fantasmagoria, to produce image and sound. A small structure of wooden frames, LEDs and light sensors build up a large projection throughout space.
Ludmila Rodrigues, Marijke van Gorp, Mike Rijnierse and Nenad Popov are a collective originated in Artscience department (Den Haag), who are interested in finding a perspective to achieve all knowledge. Guest performer: Charlotte ‘t Hart.
Marijke van Gorp (Netherlands) is a designer / researcher currently studying at the Media Technology department, Leiden University. http://marijkevangorp.blogspot.com/
Nenad Popov (Serbia, 1978) is an artist who researches the relation between sound, image and space, specialized in video analysis and real-time image processing. Currently studies and teaches at Artscience department.
Ludmila Rodrigues (Brazil, 1979) is an interdisciplinary artist, graduated in Architecture and currently studying at the Artscience department, Den Haag. http://www.tinamustao.com/
Mike Rijnierse (Netherlands, 1974) is an interdisciplinary artist who frequently works with light and sound. http://mikerijnierse.nl/