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New Rumors and Other Noises

Ada Rave – saxes / Raoul van der Weide – contrabass / Nicolas Chientaroli – piano

New Rumours & Other Noises‘ is a new instant composing trio mixing playfulness and concentration – with the use of prepared instruments, extended techniques, voice and objects – into refractory and unprecedented sonic adventure’.

Ada Rave:
Saxophonist, improviser and composer, was born in Chubut (Argentina) in 1974.
Since 2000 begins her musical development within the local jazz scene from Buenos Aires. Interested in jazz, free improvisation and composition has done her own projects and also collaborated with other musician’s projects, performing in several places from Argentina and since 2013 in The Netherlands and Europe. She is based in Amsterdam to continue expanding her personal work and passion for the Free Improvisation. Besides playing music, she is organizing the a free improvisation jam session monthly at Mezrab. (Facebook: Impro Jam).
She was educated with the teachers: Carlos Lastra, Enrique Norris, Ernesto Jodos and Rodrigo Domínguez. and is graduated from the Jazz’s career at the Manuel de Falla Conservatory of Buenos Aires .
She collaborated in many records and as a composer and leader recorded two albums: “Los Ritos del Sueño” (2008) with her quintet Proyecto Orgánico Rave; and “La Continuidad”  (Pai 2012) with Ada Rave Quartet. Also recorded in co-collaborations: “La Caja” by Andres Elstein Trio and “Relatos de Terodactilo” by Rave/Espinal/Chientaroli/Vitale, among others.
She participated in several festivals: DOEK #12 International Improvisation Festival 2014;  II Mar del Plata Jazz Festival 2012, 3rd La Plata Contemporary Music Festival 2011, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012, VII Rosario Jazz Festival 2003.
Her currents projects in Europe among New Rumors & Other Noises are a tenor duo with Renato Ferreira, A trio with Yedo Gibson and Anne La Berge, a trio with Kaja Draksler ans Wilbert de Joode, and The Big Dinner a group with Nicolas Chientaroli featuring diferent musicians and/or dancers each concert.
Simultaneously she is dedicated to music education since 2000. Currently she teaches saxophone and free improvisation workshops www.freeimprovisationworkshop.blogspot.nl
Raoul van der Weide:
Raoul van der Weide (Fontenailles/F, 1949) is a professional creative double bassist since 1978.
Having a broad interest in historical and actual musical cultures worldwide, his main practice and focus is on exploring the boundless if not dazzling possibilities and promises of free improvised music as a sonic mentality and situationistic approach.
Raoul performed with a numerous amount of great individual improvisers and was member of the Guus Janssen Septet, Paul Termos Trio, Ab Baars Sextet, Spazio trio (with Guenther Sommer/d and Conny Bauer/trb), AS IF trio and is recently active with Blue Lines Trio and ‘New Rumours (And Other Noises’).
In 2010 he started ‘The White Noise Orchestra’, an experimental collective instant composing ensemble working specifically in low dynamic areas.
In 2009 he started the Amsterdam based improvising curators platform called ‘OORSPRONG curators series/OCS’, a monthly programming initiative promoting high degree zero ‘blinddate+instant composing lineups’. Each month these lineups are curated and presented by 3 different invited curators form different improvisation backgrounds: dance, electronics an acoustic music.
Nicolas Chientaroli:
Nicolás Chientaroli was born in Buenos Aires in 1982, and moved to Amsterdam in 2013.
After attend high school, he joined the Technologic Institute of Contemporary Music (Instituto Tecnológico de Música Contemporánea  – ITMC), where after he taught for six years, and went resolutely to jazz and free improvisation once the career was finished. He studied with Ernesto Jodos, Enrique Norris, and with Susana Kasakoff classical music. He played with many local exponents from the Buenos Aires Jazz and Free Improvisation scene.
He has recorded three albums as composer and pianist with his trio:
“La Música Está Prohibida”-  / “Music is forbidden” – Blueart Records 2008, with Carlos Alvarez on bass and Hernán Rodriguez on drums. “La casa caliente” / “The Hot House” – Sofa Records 2011, with the same lineup as the previous recording, and “Viajeramente” – Pan y Rosas Discos 2013, with Carlos Alvarez on bass and Sebastián Groshaus on drums. The second disc was presented at the Buenos Aires International Jazz Festival 2011.
As a composer and pianist he leads together with Ada Rave the group “”The Big Dinner”, inviting different improvisers from all around the world in each performance. He is a member of the free improvisation trio “New Rumours and Other Noises” together with Raoul van der Weide on contrabass and Ada Rave on tenor and soprano sax. He has co-directed the group “Los Improvisadores Gráficos”  / “The Graphics  Improvisers” along with Ada Rave, alto sax; Hernán Sama, tenor sax and Martin López Grande, drums, with whom he recorded the album “Los Improvisadores Gráficos”  / “The Graphics  Improvisers” 2011. In this group experiments the improvisation through the work of Cornelius Cardew, Treatise. He is part of the experimental music group ““Las Formas Avanzan” / “The Forms Advance” along with Marcelo Jusid, guitar and vocals; and guest musicians. He i’s also a member from the contemporary jazz and free improvisation trio from Andrés Elstein, recording the album “La Caja” / “The Box” edited by Pan Y Rosas Discos in 2013. As pianist he has recorded and been part of several projects: ” “Proyecto Orgánico Rave” / “Rave Organic Project”, led by saxophonist Ada Rave, recording the album “Los Ritos Del Sueño”  / “The Dream Rites” 2008; “Trio Dumpty”, led by drummer Hernán Rodríguez, “Francisco Salgado Cuarteto” / “Francisco Salgado Quartet” led by trombonist Francisco Salgado, “La Hormiga” / “The Ant “, led by trumpeter Mariano Bertolini, recording the album “Puntos Suspensivos” / “Suspensive dots” 2010, among others. With his different projects, he performs regularly at several places from Argentina and The Netherlands. He organize two monthly series in the Free Improvisation scene in Amsterdam, The Instant Music Day in the MLK church and Solo Piano Combinations also in the MLK church.

Percussion Landscapes

Aldo Aranda – percussion

Match by Alejandro Castanos 7′
Enclosure by Hugo Morales 7’30”
Temazcal by Javier Alvarez 7′
Ombre by Vinko Globokar 10′
Games by Raul Tudon 8′

Aldo Aranda Studied at the Superior School of Music and Fine Arts of Mexico City and subsequently enters the National School of Music “ENM-UNAM”, where he studies with Gabriela Jiménez, Principal of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico City. In 1998 and 1999, Aranda takes part of the Advanced Studies in Percussion given by the Percussion Quartet “Tambuco”. In 2003-2005 he graduated on Marimba with Professor Ludwig Albert, Composition with Wim Henderickx at the Flemish Royal Conservatory and received a scholarship from the National Institute for the Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA) and the National Fund for The Culture and the Arts (FONCA) from the Mexican government. In 2008, he graduates in Contemporary Percussion with a minor in Sonology and composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with the teachers Luuk Nagtegal, Fedor Teunisse and Hans Zonderop in Percussion, Kess Tazelaar and Paul Berg in Sonology and Composition with Martijn Padding at the same institution. In 2009 he specialize in Music Theatre/Percussion at Fontys Conservatory under the coaching of the renowned percussionist Arnold Marinissen. Aranda has participated in various master classes, workshops and courses in Mexico, United States and Europe with renowned artists from all around the world as Keiko Abe, Evelien Glennie, Pedro Carneiro, Ney Rosauro, Collin Currie and Steven Schick, to mention a few. He has received honourable mentions in the 1st and 2nd Contest and International Festival of Marimba Players in the state of Chiapas, Mexico in the years 1999 and 2001. As a composer, he has received the invitation for the publication of his piece “The Colour of the Fire” for Solo Marimba in the Dutch editorial Beurskens Edition. As a classical percussionist he has performed with the Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra “deFilharmonie”, Symphonic Orchestra Carlos Chavez, Mexican Fine Arts Opera orchestra. He has also performed and tour worldwide with the Theater Company “Troubleyn” and the artist, sculptor and director Jan Fabre with the production “History Aranda also performed and worked with renowned ensembles, choreographers, conductors, composers and companies in contemporary and classical music such as Placido Domingo, Neeme Jarvi, Asko-Schoenberg Ensemble, Jan Fabre, Louis Andriessen, Erich Sleichem, LOOS Ensemble, Cora Bos-Kroese, Gabriela Ortiz, Raul Tudon, Heiner Gobbels, ONIX ensemble, (Mexico). As a soloist, he has premiered more than 15 different pieces from Latin American, Asian and European composers and has been commissioned new pieces for Chamber Ensemble, Marimba and Percussion to renowned young composers from Europe, Mexico and USA. Made several tours in Asia, Europe and Africa and given recitals and concerts in the main halls of Mexico City and other states of the republic, as well being invited to the most prestigious festivals such as “Festival d Avignon”, “Aarhus festival”, “Gaudeamus Music week”, “Netherlands Music Days”, “Sonic Visions”, “Cervantino International Festival”. As an artist/composer he has created new performances with dance, electronics and live music premiered in the Netherlands and presented in the European heritage days in 2009. In 2010-2011 he performed on several festivals and forums of electroacoustic and modern music in Mexico and Europe. Also created a new duet with harpist Sarah Nichols called “Wooden Strings” based in Holland that has been invited to the World Harp Congress in Vancouver, Canada and more recently to HIFA International Festival in Harare, Zimbabwe in 2012 & Dakota theatre series in The Hague, Netherlands.

“Don’t spread Germs” and other stories

Fani Konstantinidou – electronics

In this special performance, she is looking into correlations between her sonic identity and real images. She collects old and newer recordings to create new places and spaces and integrates them with visual stories and short films from the past.

Fani Konstantinidou is a composer / sound artist and music researcher based in the Netherlands. Her music, focuses on conceptual composition, sonic images and the perception – imagination of the listener in electroacoustic music. Currently, she is expanding this subject by investigating how the cultural, social and individual differences of the audience can affect the listening process. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam and a member of the collective FM effects.