Ephémère January 2011

Ephémère 14th january 2011

Yolanda Uriz & Ángel Faraldo: Dislocated Frames
Music Composition and Live Electronics: Ángel Faraldo
Scenography, Videos and Flute: Yolanda Uriz

Dislocated Frames is born of a very specific context. It was commisioned by the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) to complement an exhibition by the British artists and twin sisters Jane and Louise Wilson, whose themes, among others, revolved around the ideas of suspended time, the Holocaust and a never-made film by Stanley Kubrick (The Aryan Papers). Therefore, the number of resonances of our piece with their work could only be measured after being inmersed in the artistic world of the Wilson Sisters. However, it is also true that even though we were highly inspired by their work, our intention was to create a self- maintainable piece, a 45 minutes experience on its own, in which all its elements refer only to the piece itself, and that is the reason to willing to present it again, in this specific context. Dislocated Frames is an enquiry into forms of concert presentation that enhance the visuality of the performer and her relations to the music. In this 45_ show, the flute performer hides behind a projection screen, projecting dislocated shades and traces of her body-frame onto the screen, in which lights, visual effects and 2 short abstract films are also presented in intimate relation with the music, created in its totality from sounds from the audience-hall and the player behind the screen. In Dislocated Frames we have tried to let the different media (light, video, sound) talk for themselves, stablishing relations by juxtaposition rather than by superpositon. We have tried a great deal to substract one media to another, rather than adding them together. We have tried to allow empty -uninterpreted- spaces to emerge in both the visual and the auditory. Of course we have done also the opposite, but that needs no further explanation.

“Schithol Plaza And The City Idiot” by Sumo3
“Schithol Plaza And The City Idiot” is a folklore feeling before travelling, a deep throated and flawed experience into one man’s dealings with whatever personal folklore may be.
music: Alfredo Genovesi / projector: Emese Csornai / movementt: Marek Jason Isleib

Alfredo Genovesi is a free improvising electronic guitarist. Using an artillery of pedal effects, found objects, samplers, external sound sources and ever shifting guitar tunings he constructs multi-layered soundscapes using a hands-on approach which enables him to fluctuate between diverse and colourful soundworlds.”Really outrageous stuff, congratulations…The range of (Alfredo’s) work is awesome” – John Zorn. “…eddying currents of guitar overridden and rearranged by a culmative welter of modifications..loaded like detritus into the drift” – David Stubbs (The Wire) “Great legs” – Mary Oliver.

Born 1984 Budapest, Emese Csornai lives and works in Amsterdam as a multimedia artist and light designer. She makes installations and performances. She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and started a self-study alongside in light design, at the Muiderpoort theater. She worked as a light designer in Frankfurt Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, DWA, Smart project space, Bimhuis, Ot301 and more, and made her first solo exhibition and performance serie in Art Cage cultural center in 2010 July. In her work she examines and questions the mechanism of perception, and how it influences emotions and decisions. Her scale is the individual.

Marek Jason Isleib started off with studies and performing Mime. At an early age he went into Classical Ballet which he studied in Berlin and The Hague Conservatory, the Netherlands. He worked as classical dancer and after moving back to Holland, joined for several years different companies and projects in Holland and Germany. Always studying different forms and approaches of movement (including Yoga, TaiChi, Feldenkrais, New Dance, Contact Improvisation, Break Dance and Butoh) he got involved in Improvisation in the late 1990’s.