Ephémère February 2011

Ephémère 11th February 2011

Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, bassoon / Xavier Lopez, laptop
Axolotl is Dafne Vicente-Sandoval on Bassoon and Xavier Lopez on laptop. Their work is focused on the use of silence, formal desegregation, and sonic abstraction. The duo was created in 2010 and since then played in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Mexico, as a duo or collaborating with other musicians (Lawrence Williams, Pierre-Yves Martel, Ferran Fages, Lalli Barrière, …)

Alexander Bruck, viola / Gabriel Paiuk, piano
Alexander Bruck plays the viola, violin and an increasing number of rare and unusual (at least in modern western cultural contexts) string instruments including: the strohviol, erhu and most recently the raberi, a violin from the Tarahumara region in northern Mexico. His improvisational approach to these instruments is not informed by any traditional ways of playing, but rather inspired by electro-acoustic means of sound production and other aspects of contemporary music. Interferences, instability, resonance, and playing with melodic or rhythmic gestures and their cultural meaning, are the focus of his improvising. Throughout his work as an improviser Gabriel Paiuk has developed a language which couples keyboard playing with the operation of diverse tools on the strings and piano’s machinery in a specific way. Not unlike his compositional work, his playing aims at fragmenting and decontextualizing sound materials by juxtaposition and superposition, setting in contact materials with diverse timbral characteristics and which relate to different strategies of sound production. Timbre variations on pitch material produced through the intervention of the vibrating strings are confronted with “concrete” sound materials extracted from diverse operations on the piano’s metal and wooden frame, aiming at an enhancement of perception of the minute variations in timbre material. The traditional relation between a solo string instrument and a piano will be confronted in this performance through a strategy of focus on the possible material-sensitive interaction between the sounds of both instruments.

Bjarni Gunnarsson, electronics / Jaike Stambach, guitar
Bjarni Gunnarsson and Jaike Stambach will play a set of improvised music where live electronics meet guitars, the sound of found objects and various types of real-time processing. Having recorded and performed together in Paris, this is the first time Bjarni and Jaike will play together in the Netherlands. Bjarni Gunnarsson is an Icelandic composer / sound artist born in 1980 in Reykjavík. As a member of the electronic music duo Einóma, he has released numerous LP´s, EP´s, compilation tracks and remixes on labels like Vertical Form, Thule, Uni:form, Spezial Material, Trachanik and lmalc. Bjarni has also performed his music in concerts and festivals in Germany, England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Ireland and Iceland. He studied composition with Gerard Pape and others at the CCMIX in Paris, and is currently completing a masters degree at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag. Instrumentist and studio engineer, Jaike Stambach has worked with sound in many different fields, developing music and sound-design for film, theater and performance art, along side his own personal compositional projects. He is a core member of the Parisian multidisciplinary theater group Das Plateau, and founding member of the shoegaze-influenced trio The History Of Colour TV.”