Ephémère December 2016


Semay Wu – live performance
Nicolas Chientaroli – piano solo
Tomer Baruch – Aquifer, live electronics

DJ : Yannis Tsirikoglou

Semay Wu
Semay Wu will be using a few of her handmade Instruments to make collages of sound. Combining her voice for texts, and focusing on the relative physicality of gestural language, her work explores the glue between nuanced gesture – through the use of light sensors – and its emergent musical language. Her performance will be a simpler journey than the one during her research period in The Hague, however, it will explore similar paths.
Semay Wu (UK) is a cellist, sound and performance artist who explores the space between gesture, image and musical language. Hailing from Liverpool/Manchester as a freelance musician and composer, Semay came to The Hague in 2013 to study at the Institute of Sonology and STEIM in Amsterdam. Now finished, she continues to broaden her explorative work, basing herself in Scotland, to include the performative aspects of choreography, set design, instrument building.
Nico Chientaroli
In this performance, Nico Chientaroli will present his first solo album “Cada Fuego es el Primero”, recorded in Splendor, Amsterdam and released by the Portuguese label Creative Sources.
He’s been working with solo performances for quite a long time already, where improvisation or instant composition takes a very improtant place. In the cd there are six very different improvisations. He uses the keyboard as well as the strings and the entire interior of the piano with different objects.
Argentinean pianist, improviser and composer Nico Chientaroli started his career playing with different bands in Buenos Aires. He always felt strongly attracted to improvisation. Therefore he formed his trio recording three albums where he explored improvisation through his compositions. He also participated in many projects related to jazz and improvisation in Buenos Aires. He moved to Amsterdam in 2013 to continue with his work and development.
As a pianist, he explores and expands the boundaries of the piano and develops a very personal way of playing. In reviews his music is described as a magnificent and extraordinary journey of sound. Some,Improvisations enable beautifully structured and impressively melodic textures to surface.
Tomer Baruch is an interdisciplinary musician with an interest in a wide variety of genres, ranging from popular music to jazz, post-african and experimental electronic music. His works often dwell around the territories which lies between these genres, referencing them but committing to none.
Aquifer is a solo project by Tomer Baruch in which he is digitally manipulates analog toys in order to construct nostalgic soundscapes and beats with or without a pulse.