Ephémère April 2013

Ephemere April 2013

poster design: Karl Ingi Karlsson

Ephémère 11th April 2013  

(entrance is 3€,doors open at 21:00, concert starts at 21:30)


Kate Moore

Barbara Ellison (performer Nathalie Smoor)

Roel Meelkop



Kate Moore

Homage to my boots – solo electric cello – 12′

Stories for ocean shells – solo electric cello and quad tapes – 10′

Kate Moore [Oxford 1979] is an Australian musician and composer of new music based in the Netherlands. Active on the international scene, Moore has had works performed by acclaimed ensembles including ASKO/ Schoenberg, The Bang On A Can All-Stars, The Calder Quartet, The Grand Band, Stracc, The Amsterdam Cello Octet, Lucilin, Third Angle Ensemble, Trio Scordatura, TwoSense, The Song Company, Ensemble Klang and De Ereprijs Orkest. Her works have been performed in major festivals including Sonic Festival NYC (2011) Musica Sacra Maastricht (2011/ 2012) Klank en Kleur Festival Amsterdam (2011) The Sydney Film Festival (2011) Ecstatic Music festival NYC (2011) ISCM World Music Days (2010), Bang on a Can Marathon – World Financial Center  (2010) MATA NYC (2009), ICWM (2008), MODART07 (2007) Bang on a Can Summer Festival (2007), International Gaudeamus Festival (2003/ 2011), Apeldoorn International Young Composer Meeting (2003). More info: http://kemoore.ihere.info


Barbara Ellison

Barbara Ellison (IRL) is an artist living and working in Den Haag. She works visually and sonically using a diverse range of materials and processes. At the core of her practice is a fascination for the physiological and perceptual effects of sound on the body and mind with a particular interest in the process of the ritual and ritualisation. Her performances often play with ritualistic forms giving rise to sonic structures emerging through a hypnotic repetitious exploration of a simple sound-producing action. In this performance she will be exploring the medium of amplified drawings to create a sound environment which lures out phantoms of sound. She is also currently undertaking a PhD research project “Sonic Phantoms” for Huddersfield University, UK where she is researching the phenomenon of sonological emergence through a study of auditory perception, ambiguity and illusion. She composes and performs, makes installations, drawings, sculpture, performs in her own projects and is one of the six artists of the improvising performance art collective Trickster .

This performance is part of a new body of work exploring the exploitation of perceptually thresholds and ambiguity in the Auditory domain and correspondences between figure /ground reversal phenomenon in vision and its counterpart in Audition. Despite the relentless repetition, for me the fascination comes from the emergent patterns that appear in the foreground and disappear randomly and spontaneously, shifting and repeating with repeated listenings. I am intrigued by these unstable systems with their changing perspectives and am exploring their creative potential.

For this performance, Barbara Ellison invited performer Nathalie Smoor.


Roel Meelkop (Tegelen, NL, 1963) studied sculpture and painting at Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam, NL. He graduated in 1990 and in the years after that he concentrated mainly on painting. Five years later, he decided to expand his views on art and philosophy and applied for a postgraduate course at the same academy. He graduated from this course in 1997. By then, Meelkop had abandoned painting altogether in favour of working with sound. Before this he had already been working with THU20 on experimental sound collages and electronic music. This practice was extended and now includes sound installations and performances as well. Nowadays, Meelkop regularly plays live performances around the world, either solo, or with one of the three musical projects he is involved with: THU20 (musique concrete), Kapotte Muziek (electro-acoustic music) or GOEM (electronic music). His solo music is a unique combination of the aforementioned styles. Besides his live activities, Meelkop has a long list of releases to show for his creativity and productivity in the studio. Another area of interest for Meelkop is sound in space. The relation between space and sound and the unique artistic possibilities this offers have urged him to create several installations, not only in exhibition spaces, but also in public spaces. Most of these installations are created specifically for the spaces that will hold them and are based on Meelkop’s impressions from these spaces. In most cases the work is not visual but auditory, thus expanding the existing space in a way that visual art will never achieve. Central issue in these installations is the experience of space and time at a specific place and time. Aside from his artistic activities, Meelkop is also active as organiser, curator and programmer of contemporary sound art and electronic music in Rotterdam, NL and as a reviewer for the email magazine Vital Weerkly.


Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) was born on 28 July 1978 in Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), and now resides in Rotterdam. He started working as Machinefabriek in 2004.Except for a few piano and guitar lessons when he was young, Rutger didn’t study music. Instead, he graduated as a graphic designer. The sleeves of his releases are practically always designed by Rutger himself, being a crucial part of the music. Machinefabriek’s music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, minimalism, drone and field recordings. His pieces unfold as ‘films without image’, with a sharp ear for detail. After a series of self released CD-Rs, the official debut ‘Marijn’, was issued by Lampse in 2006. Since then a solid stream of singles and albums was released on labels like Type, Important, Home Normal, 12K, Dekorder, Digitalis, Experimedia and Staalplaat. Performing live has been an important expression for Machinefabriek. He took his gear all over the globe, form Canada to Israel and from Russia to Japan. Rutger collaborated (on record and/or live) with numerous artists, such as Steinbrüchel, Jaap Blonk, Aaron Martin, Peter Broderick, Frans de Waard, Simon Nabatov, Mats Gustafsson, Steve Roden, Gareth Davis, Stephen Vitiello, Michel Banabila and Tim Catlin, amongst many others. He also frequently works with film makers, like Chris Teerink, for whom he composed a soundtrack for his documentary about Sol LeWitt. He also worked with more abstract film makers like Makino Takashi, John Price and Paul Clipson. Besides films, Rutger also composes music for dance pieces, like Alix Eynaudi and Kris Verdonck’s EXIT (premiered at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin) and, most recently, Ivan Pérez’ ‘Hide And Seek’, for Korzo, The Hague. Then there’s his installation work, in which the dialogue with the environment always plays an inportant role. Rutger made installations for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NAi (Dutch Architecture Institute) and the new Armando Museum (MOA). This year (2013), Rutger Zuydervelt is on the long-list for the Prix de Rome.

For this Ephémère edition, Roel Meelkop and Machinefabriek will play each a solo and then a duo.