Ephémère April 2012


doors open at 20.00, concert starts at 20.30, entrance : 3€


Duo Roro / Arvind Ganga (drums & guitar)

Roro (rogier smal) is a drummer who experiments with free percussion sounds. Besides playing in duo’s with people like Anne LaBerge (flutes) and Peter Quistgard (a musical magician) he plays in improv group “DAGORA”, with random improv musicians and solo. Roro tries to find the energy of space and participants while remaining open to the environment and acoustics.

Arvind Ganga uses guitar, effects and objects to create a chaotically oscillating mesh, vibrating with high energy that oozes out in colliding rhythms, frantic melodies and distant slow grooves… all bathing in the rays of a deep red sun.

As a duo, they will explore the mix of freedom and more freedom, and then some more freedom. yes, freedom !


Flavien Gillié (field recordings)

Flavien Gillié is a French artist based in Brussels. He’s doing field recordings as a link between places, voices and memory. He also reworks these field recordings and elaborates soundscapes presented live or in some installations.

For this performance he’ll be working on field recordings he did recently in the Kinsendael, a natural reserve in Brussels and some small islands near Sicilia.



Galm Quartet (saxophones, electronics, guitar, drums)

Galm Quartet is an improvising four-piece combining tenor saxophone, electric guitar, analog electronics and drums. Galm Quartet devotes itself to instantaneously composed music. It’s about listening and acting in the moment, surprising and inspiring the others as well as the audience. The instruments of choice complement each other in sound, similarly, the musicians involved do so in playing style.That’s why WE have to play them.

George Hadow [UK] – drums

Andreas Fulgosi [IT]- electric guitar

Laurens van der Wee [NL] – electronics

Michael Foster [US]- saxophones