Robert Pravda

Robert Pravda (1967) is a sound-artist, composer and performer currently living in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He studied engineering at the Technical University of Novi Sad (Serbia), after which he dedicated himself to making music in experimental underground circles. After moving to the Netherlands he studied interdisciplinary art on the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Music and Dance in the Hague. His examination project, the sound-light installation 5x5x5, was awarded with the visitor’s prize of Shell’s Young Artist Award. From 2002 he is teaching sound related courses and developing research projects as a member of the teaching team of the ArtScience department at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Music and Dance in the Hague.
During and after his studies he concentrated on building instruments for multimedia performances, making compositions for spatial sound and light installations and theater productions. Exhibitions and concert in different venues/festivals:SonicActs Paradiso Amsterdam, Melkweg Amsterdam, PandPaulus Schiedam, Worm Rotterdam, New Forms festival Paard Den Haag, Galerie Den Haag, Gallery 1646 Den Haag, Whitespace Den Haag, Garage Den Haag, TodaysArt Den Haag, Platoux Frankfurt, Der Kunsten festival Brussel. CTM Berlin, Kapelica Ljubljana, Purcell Room London.
Since 2009 he is an active member of Tilt. Tilt is an interdisciplinary platform founded by choreographer Andrea Bozic, sound artist Robert Pravda and visual artist Julia Willms to inspire and support artistic practice and thinking beyond disciplines.