Kacper Ziemianin

Kacper Ziemianin – is an artist with a classical musical education, who has experience in various musical genres, encompassing black metal, through to broken electronic music to ambient, noise and circuit bending. Sound travels led him to the Hague, where he is currently studying Sonology at a music conservatory. He graduated in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University in London, after which he also studied at the Music Academy in Krakow under the supervision of professor Marek Chołoniewski, in Berlin (UDK) and under the tutorledge of Dr. Alberto de Campo in Amsterdam at STEIM. He has also performed in a couple of musical groups, and has taken part in several projects under various pseudonyms. Ziemianin creates audio-visual installations, sound design for movies and was the author of the, “Polish Deli” broadcasted on London-based radio Resonance FM (2010-2013), where he promoted Polish music and independent art. He has performed and exhibited in Ireland, England, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. In 2004 he received the “Dolina Kreatywna” award for his musical piece, “Trans-formation”. Currently Ziemianin is busy building his own musical instruments and modifying already existing constructions, as well as interactive audio-visual installations.

At Wonderwerp he will be presenting his latest performance with a light sensitive interface.

“This live performance is a result of a research that has taken few years and is now in its final stage. It consists of a hardware and software design. The hardware part is an interface with 24 light sensitive resistors, which allows to control computer software with changing the amount of light. The software part is a computer programme that allows for generating and manipulating sounds in real time. This performance tries to address the problem of live electronic music that has haunted it from its very beginning and that has always been interesting for me – how can the audience relate to what the performer is doing? What makes the live electronic music really live? In my case every visible action causes an audible reaction, so in a way ‘what you see is what you get’. By using various light sources I explore possibilities of this instrument, which doesn’t try to imitate any existing model, but rather tries to create something new”.