Justin Bennett

The widely ranging work of Justin Bennett (1964 UK) is as rooted in the audiovisual and visual arts as it is in music. Central to his thinking and his work is a process-orientated approach and an interest in the elasticity of the concept of ’space’, with a specific focus on urban development, technological progress and the relationship between architecture and sound.


Bennett produces (reworked) field recordings, drawings, performances, installations, audio walks, videos and essays. Recent work consists of thematic projects focussing on the role of the artist in urban development, the relationship of sound and memory and the history of psychiatry in relation to the occult use of technology.


Recent presentations include: “Secret Garden” audio walk, Amsterdam 2014, “Hors Pistes” video screenings at Centre George Pompidou, Paris 2013, “Dream Map” audio walk, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Sao Paolo 2013, “Spectral Analysis” audio walk, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam 2013, “Telettrofono” audio walk, Guggenheim New York 2012.