Invisible Architecture

Invisible Architecture is a collaborative project by Chrs Galarreta & Janneke van der Putten. Minimal changing vocal tones and electromagnetic sounds of broken hard disks meet in the speakers to modulate each other. This results in a very physical and intense sound experience that enhances the acoustics of the spaces where they play.


Chrs Galarreta has been active in the South American experimental scene since 1995. The sublime and the uncertainty are present in his actions, he gets them using broken electrical appliances, homemade audiovisual instruments, field streamings, field recordings, feedback systems, the induction of errors in the software-hardware and in the way to play musical instruments. He transduces imperceptible physical phenomena for humans to an audible dimension (as electromagnetic fields or sub-aquatic sounds). He is mostly interested in the exploration of the aforementioned interfaces and auto-regulated systems to apply them to create immersive experiences, experimental songs and des-compositions, hacking the human perception of space-time as a form of civil disobedience and social auto-reorganization.

Galarreta comes from an autodidact formation and in 2013 he developed his independent projects at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Today he lives between France and The Netherlands. His work has taken him to make concerts, installations, performances, lectures and workshops in Latin America and Europe, such as festival “Hydrophonia” (Barcelona, 2010), Academy of Fine Arts, (Vienna, 2013 & 2014), Plateforme Intermédia / La Fabrique (Nantes, 2011) and Aural – Sound Art Festival (México D.F., 2009). Galarreta is founder and member of the independent label and association Aloardi (since 1998) and of bands like Sajjra (current solo experimental-song project), DiosMeHaViolado, Evamuss (as soloist), Azucena Kantrix (with Wilder Gonzales), Tica (with Fabiola Vasquez) in Peru, Miasma (with Sergio Sanchez T.) in Mexico, 50 Otages (with Mathieu Finisterre, Bernard Bruit and Julien Ottavi) in France among others. He collaborated with artists, labels and collectives around the world such as Gabriel Castillo, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jorge Castro (Cornucopia), Leo Sabatto (Armenia), Pablo Reche, Anton Mobin, David Kraapoola, Dave Phillips, Jorge Haro, Sub Rosa, Microbio Records, APO33, Platoniq, Sonic Art Networks, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Tsonami, Sebastian Ortiz, Ignacio Rus.


Janneke van der Putten presented her site-specific installations, voice-based performances, sound pieces, participatory events and workshops at among others: ‘Recreation Ground’, W139, Amsterdam (2013), ‘Urban Modes of Listening’, Tuned City, Qo2, Brussels (2013), ‘Handmade Homegrown 8’, Theater Dakota, The Hague, NL (2013); ‘Three Artists Walk Into A Bar…’, de Appel, Amsterdam (2012) and ‘NMElindo Radio’, São Paulo Art Biennial, São Paulo, BR (2012). Previously van der Putten worked with different people, from a hunter to a sonic marine engineer, as well as with choirs and colleagues, a.o. with Gabriëlle Barros Martins and Rory Pilgrim. In 2013 Janneke did the vocals of Siavash Akhlaghi’s electroacoustic work for Wave Field Synthesis, which premiered at the Institute of Sonology. 

In the winter of 2013-2014 van der Putten was artist in residence at the Castle, Centre International d’Art et du Paysage at the Île de Vassivière in France, where she continued her work and daily practice ‘All Begins With A: inspired by the SUNRISE’. She holds a Master of Music from the Master Artistic Research at the Royal Conservatory & Royal Art Academy, The Hague (2013), a Bachelor degree with Honors from the Textile department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam (2009), studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008 and learned from the Indian classical Dhrupad singing by Amelia Cuni and Marianne Svasek since 2009. Janneke van der Putten is born in Amsterdam and currently lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands